Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Last month there were reports that we are to be facing an “exceptionally severe” winter – who knows whether this will come to pass or not! I think the media as a whole like to be particularly dramatic when it comes to weather – storm in a tea cup and all that – but then we British do like to talk about the weather don’t we!

We didn’t really get a lot of snow last year – everyone was prepared for it and it didn’t come.  I think we only got the sledge out once all winter!  Now I love the snow- I know it causes chaos and everyone moans but I love the excitement, waking up to a winter wonderland, wrapping up warm and heading out for snowball fights and sledging!  In fact snow based fun features more than once on our winter bucket list.

What I don’t like is how mucky it all gets – I hate it when the snow starts to melt and I always think it’s such a shame when the paths have to be gritted and just end up a slushy mess. Of course the last thing the local council wants is to start the new year with a raft of personal injury claims and I will appreciate that clear path when it comes to trying to do the school run!

I always find it easier to carry the kids in the snow than battle with a pram! 

Are you prepared for snow this year?

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