We try out a selection of KD UK Toys – Review

Children sitting on wall with a range of toys from KD UK toys

Paw Patrol Walkie Talkies 

The walkie talkies were well received by Ben!  He was super excited at the thought of being able to secretly communicate with his sisters!  Featuring Paw Patrol characters, these walkie talkies are designed to fit comfortably into little hands and have a simple “push to talk” button making them really easy to use.  We were a little disappointed that the batteries weren’t included – more so as they were an awkward size (2 x9v) which we don’t normally keep stocked up.  (Had they been AA we’d have had plenty!!)    We were impressed by the quality of the speakers and the distance which the walkie talkies covered – certainly far enough for your children to be in different rooms and chat to each other.   

My First Frozen Tablet 

Although I gave Chloe the Frozen tablet at first, she was frustrated that it didn’t “open up” like a computer despite having been told it wasn’t a computer and was meant to be like a tablet.  She didn’t like that it didn’t “swipe” and basically didn’t feel like a real tablet.  The Frozen tablet is essentially a fancy electronic quiz board which Chloe grew tired of quickly.  However, Amy loves it!  She feels grown up playing on her “tabet” while the big two are enjoying a bit of screen time.  She loves pressing the buttons and being rewarded by the lights and sounds.  She is also increasingly able to understand and answer the questions.  (I should point out that the tablet comes ready to go with batteries included – always a win!)   

My first frozen tablet toy
Toddler with Frozen tablet toy

Peppa Pig Click & Learn Camera 

Although Amy doesn’t actually watch Peppa Pig (active avoidance on my part!) she was super excited by her Peppa Pig camera calling it “my photo, my ‘pooter“.  It’s a great chunky size for little hands and is really sturdy to withstand being dropped!  The camera shows different pictures as you look through the view finder, somewhat reminiscent of those old red cameras we had as kids in the 80s? (Don’t dare tell me you don’t remember them!)  Again, this one comes with batteries included and ready to play though the sounds can get a bit irritating and don’t turn off  – which, rather comically, meant that it was beeping and singing in the box on delivery!  The courier was most amused.      

Toddler with Peppa Pig toy camera

*We were sent this selection of toys free of charge as part of our role as KD Mumbassadors however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*


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  1. February 29, 2016 / 10:51 pm

    The kids would love those walkie talkies – I've just added them to our online wish list! x

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