Wednesday Chats {Ordinary Moments}

Ben has been going to Street Dance classes on a Wednesday night for the best part of two years now.  His lesson starts at 6pm so it’s always a bit of a mad dash to get him picked up from childcare, changed, fed and off to dance.  There’s been plenty of times where he’s had to eat his tea in the car on the way there.

Over the last two years Wednesday nights have featured times table practice, chats about tax, social media, girlfriends, future business plans and being kind to name but a few.  It takes us around 20 minutes to half an hour each way and, with no distractions, has been known to provide the perfect platform for some very interesting conversations.  Conversations we might not have otherwise had if we’d been with the girls or had other things to do.

Wednesday Chats {Ordinary Moments}

We’ve also found ourselves doing a lot of singing – Dave’s car has Android Auto which means we have can play pretty much whatever we want through Spotify but it also means that when Google Maps kicks in, she talks over the top of the music.  We’ve created a bit of a game now where we challenge ourselves to carry on singing over Google and hopefully hit the right marker in the song when the music comes back!

This week Chloe started dance lessons with Ben, which means our Wednesday chats are no more . . . Ben doesn’t need to talk to me now, he’s got Chloe in the car with him.  She was super excited about her first lesson on Wednesday so the pair of them were ever so giddy in the car, screeching, laughing and chattering with each other.  I’m sure there will be times where the Wednesday chats are reinstated and the three of us will have proper conversations, but the time for Ben and I to be on our own in the car on a regular basis has now passed.  I’m going to miss it!

The Ordinary Moments

23 thoughts on “Wednesday Chats {Ordinary Moments}

  1. That’s lovely to find that one to one time – it’s so hard to carve it out, but this sounds perfect. I play the sing in the gaps game too – we have a dead spot for the radio at some traffic lights near our house which is brilliant for it! It sounds like the dynamic in the car might have changed, but hopefully the chats will re-emerge once the hilarity of being together has died down a bit.

  2. It’s so hard to find that precious one on one time together isn’t it? It’s also easier in the car to talk, it takes the pressure off! You’ll have to find a new one on one activity but in the meantime, they can have some good chats themselves!! x

    1. Yes, I think we were lucky to find that time without having to force it. I’m always conscious of finding time with each child on my own but it’s usually every few months rather than a regular thing like this was.

  3. This is really lovely. It’s great to see an open dialogue with parents and children, maybe soon you can find some one in one time to chat with him and now he knows he can talk to you open and honestly

  4. Great idea for making some special times! I think I’ll have to start incorporating something like this with my oldest daughter as well!

  5. Oh it’s so nice that you had that time to properly talk – and sing. It’s good for children to have an opportunity to open up, ask questions and just have one on one time. Plus, I love a bit of routine. I’m just looking for dance lessons for Athena at the moment x

  6. This is so lovely. I have a one on one time with my little boy on a Wednesday as his sister is at dance too. Its nice to have that time with them. I would really miss it it if ever changed! I am sure there will be other times when you have that time together to chat, laugh and sing! xx

  7. I loved my kids doing street dance! And I love these moments where you can be one to one with the kiddies and really connect and share moments like these. x #ordinarymoments

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