Why we’re learning to swim with Puddle Ducks

Swimming lessons are the one thing I regret not doing with my children when they were babies.  So many of my friends have taken their tiny babies for swimming lessons and I’ve always been envious.  Ben and Chloe were both taken to our local pool once or twice from around each of their first birthdays but it really wasn’t a pleasant experience.  It was freezing and they were both miserable and so the experience was rarely repeated.

I always felt guilty that we didn’t really take the kids swimming for leisure purposes but I was determined that they would start their lessons and the local pool as soon as possible.  Both Ben and Chloe began council run swimming lessons after their third birthdays.  I remember watching poor Ben shivering and turning blue at the edge of the pool but three years on his swimming is coming on well and he loves the pool.  Chloe only started to swim earlier this year and her confidence levels have been slow to develop.  It was only on holiday in August that she really discovered that the water could be fun and since coming home her attitude to her swimming lessons has changed completely.

Chloe swimming with arm bands

Amy had her first experience of swimming earlier this year when we took a trip to Swansea.  She spent the whole session clinging to me and at the time I couldn’t decide if it was because she was frightened, cold or not really feeling well.  In the end I decided it was probably a combination of all of those factors.  As a result of that experience and Chloe’s lack of confidence we hadn’t rushed to take them back to the pool.

When the opportunity arose to try out a term of swimming lessons with Puddle Ducks I’m sure you can imagine that I was thrilled at the prospect.

Puddle Ducks are a national company offering carefully structured swimming lessons from Aqua-natal for mums-to-be, right the way through to Swim Academy for children up to the age of 10.

Initially we had hoped that Amy would do her term from Easter through to the Summer – which would have been ideal preparation for our holiday in France in the summer.  For one reason or another this didn’t come to fruition and plans moved to the Autumn term.

With the big two now being at school full time I’m excited to spend some quality one on one time with Amy and I know her weekly Puddle Ducks swimming lessons were going to be the perfect addition to our routine.

Amy had her first lesson last Friday lunch time and will be going with Daddy this week – watch out for a post about her first Puddle Ducks experience very soon!

Amy will be swimming with Puddle Ducks for a term free of charge to allow us to write a series of posts about the experience*

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