Winter Bucket List 2016

Goodness, it’s already the 5th of December and I’ve not got my Winter Bucket List up yet! What’s going on there?! Time seems to be slipping away from me at an incredible rate – I’m sure I only published my Autumn Bucket List update yesterday!

Things are insanely busy for us over the next couple of weeks in the run up to Christmas, with lots of complex organising to get everyone in the right place at the right time, never mind thinking about shopping and keeping up with my work commitments.

As is often the case, the bulk of our Winter Bucket List does tend to focus on December and the festive celebrations, I really should make sure there’s some bits and bobs in there to keep us busy through January and February!  Our Winter Bucket Lists often feature so many things year after year as they are part of our Christmas traditions – I have in fact copied and edited last year’s list, I do love a good tradition!

Winter Bucket List - Kids and Christmas tree

So without further ado, let’s crack on with our 2016 Winter Bucket List . . .
1. Snow related fun – I say this every year and every year the weather man fails me.  I just good couple of days of proper snow.  However, should that fail we’re planning a trip to Chill Factore in the new year so there will be some snow action!
2. See Father Christmas – Our annual trip to Stockeld Park (we’ve actually already done this, it will be written up this week)
3. Write letters to Father Christmas – again we’ve already done this and you can watch our video here
4. Festive up our house!
5. Buy new Christmas decorations
6. Watch nativities for all three children – it’s Amy’s first one this year!
7. Read Christmas stories
9. Ice skating – reinstating a Butler / Burgess family tradition
10. A nighttime adventure to see the Christmas lights and markets in Manchester
11. Write Christmas cards
12. Pantomime fun!
13. Enjoy a Christmas back in York
14. Christmas films
15. Our annual New Year walk in Heaton Park
What have I missed?! I’m sure there should be more on our list this year!

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  1. Amanda Blackburn
    December 5, 2016 / 6:11 pm

    Sounds fun!
    Can I come and stay at your house for Christmas!

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