Another Autumn Bucket List done and dusted!

Usually I have at least a morning a week whilst Amy is at nursery or even the odd day when I’m not teaching where I’m home alone and can crack on with getting stuff done around the house or work on blog related tasks.  Dave has gone back to work today after breaking his elbow five weeks ago, so I’m on my own in the house for the first time in ages.  It’s especially quiet without our our pup, Thomas.  Because our house is so busy, it’s often easy to forget he’s not there.  But today, in the house on my own, his snuffling and snoring is conspicuous by it’s absence.  Dave and I have both said we miss him being there when we come in through the front door (even though I was usually irritated by him being in the way while I was trying to get the kids in the house) and if we are first to come downstairs in the morning we miss his greeting and whacky tail!  Because we got Thomas in November, my Facebook Memories has been awash with pictures of a tiny T Dog which has felt like especially cruel timing  (much like the John Lewis ad!) but time rolls on.  It has been almost four weeks since we lost Thomas and Christmas is almost upon us.

Chloe and Thomas

Today sees the last day of November and the end of our Autumn Bucket List for another year!  It feels like Autumn was a bit slow to start, the weather stayed dry and warm for longer than we would normally expect but when it hit, it hit hard and now I feel like I’m constantly freezing!  I definitely need a new coat for the school run, something suitably cosy and waterproof.

When I wrote my last Autumn Bucket List update we’d made pretty good headway and only had a few things left to tick off:

8. A grown up weekend away 

You may have seen on social media that Dave & I spent the last weekend in Birmingham with Kirst (more commonly known on my blog as Aunty Custard) and Chris.  The first time we all went away for a weekend together was back in June when we went to Alton Towers for the weekend and had a right old laugh.  In the summer we decided that we should have  grown up weekend away together, one where we could just eat, drink and relax in each other’s company.  We so rarely get to spend child-free time together now and certainly never as a foursome.  The decision was made that we’d go to Birmingham as it’s not too far away for any of us and it also meant that we could factor in an opportunity to catch up with friends who live there.  (Watch our slightly drunken and over excited vlog of the weekend )

Autumn Bucket List - Team Custard in Birmingham

11. Make an apple crumble

Despite my best intentions, I totally failed.  I don’t think I’ve even eaten apple crumble this season.  Whoops.

12. Blow “dragon breath” in the cold air

After what felt like a really mild start to autumn this year, there has most definitely been plenty of opportunity for blowing dragon breath, especially on mornings where everyone is in childcare and leave the house a good hour earlier.  Yay for dragon breath, boo to scraping ice and frost off the car!

14. Get some more jobs done on the house – perhaps even move into a new room or two! 

This has been a really big one for us this autumn.  Dad and Dave have worked their socks off and our extension is now finally finished.  We have moved into the last couple of rooms (a new shower room upstairs, utility and downstairs toilet) – everything is fully functioning and even decorated!  I just need to add some finishing touches now but I can’t tell you how exciting it is to have everything done.  (That’s not to say there aren’t a few big jobs to be done in the original part of the house of course. . . )  I will do a full house update soon and show off our new rooms – when I say soon, don’t expect it till the New Year now!

So that’s it – another autumn bucket list done and dusted.  There was no conkers or apple crumble but otherwise the list was a win!  Best start thinking about our Winter one  . . .

  1. Collect conkers – something which we pretty much fail to do every year but we’ll have another go!
  2. Get wrapped up and go to a bonfire – we haven’t done this for a few years but I think everyone is big enough now to enjoy it!
  3. Kick leaves
  4. MAD Blog Awards – this is my third year of attending and my second as an actual flipping finalist!
  5. Blog On – the first Winter Blog On and this time I’m actually going to be speaking!
  6. A family ski lesson
  7. Blackpool illuminations
  8. A grown up weekend away
  9. South Lakes Wild Animal Park (this is left over from our summer list)
  10. Splash in puddles
  11. Make an apple crumble
  12. Blow “dragon breath” in the cold air – this is always a sure sign of Autumn for me and something the kids find really exciting!
  13. See Ben settle into his new Juniors routine
  14. Get some more jobs done on the house – perhaps even move into a new room or two!
  15. Lots of birthday celebrations


  1. Amanda Blackburn
    November 30, 2016 / 10:11 pm

    Great to hear you had a weekend away! Us parents need it every now and then.
    It is so cold, I hate the cold!
    Great post!

  2. Amanda Blackburn
    November 30, 2016 / 10:16 pm

    Forgot to say RIP poor Thomas, my dog is 15, every day is blessing as he’s certainly an old boy now!

  3. December 3, 2016 / 9:02 pm

    You did pretty well! I love you bucket lists 🙂 x

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