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I’m not really one for hot drinks. My sister isn’t either.  It’s funny really as my Mum loves her tea and goes through kettles like most people go through socks.  I actually only discovered I liked hot chocolate a couple of years ago!  I’m well known amongst friends for forgetting to offer people a brew when they visit as it just doesn’t occur to me!  (I should say I’ve got a bit better over the last year – having a steady stream of tradesmen in the house has meant I had to brush up on my brew making skills!)

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Dave is a coffee drinker (though can be forced into a cup of tea out of sheer desperation when he’s work on a building site with my Dad!) and he particularly enjoys a good cappuccino when we’re out for lunch.  Of course a cappuccino isn’t all that easy to make at home and requires rather more specialist equipment than just a kettle and a spoon!

Much as I don’t drink coffee I do love the smell of it so a proper coffee machine in our kitchen is a bit of a dream (and perhaps a rather expensive air freshener!)  I love the idea of getting up in the morning to that proper coffee smell, it’s just so much nicer than a cup of instant isn’t it!?

We currently have a Tassimo machine but I’m astounded by the price of the pods for it and can’t really justify around 50p for each cappuccino or hot chocolate we make.  (That said I guess it’s still cheaper than going to Costa!)  I’ve looked in the past at investing in a new coffee machine but there’s always the risk it will just end up sitting on the side collecting dust.  One of the biggest plusses for me with the Tassimo is that it is very easy to use!  Do you have a coffee machine at home?  What would you recommend?

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  1. February 4, 2015 / 5:04 pm

    Dave, my one, not yours, hehe, loves coffee too and has a fancy coffee machine. I can't stand the stuff! x

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