A visit to Mumbles #SwanseaBayMoments

This is the fourth in a series of posts about our weekend in Swansea Bay in February. We spent the Saturday morning up at Gower Heritage Centre, it was a beautiful sunny day but flipping freezing (as you would expect in the middle of February I suppose!)  On the way up to Gower Ben and Chloe had been excited to realise we were near the sea and were keen to get some beach time later in the day.  Luckily for them we had already planned in a visit to Mumbles that afternoon.
Looking out to the Lifeboat Station at the end of Mumbles Pier
Talking a walk out towards Mumbles Pier

We parked up and decided to take a walk along the pier – this wasn’t quite the leisurely stroll we might have liked as in reality it was really very cold and extremely windy.  As you can imagine the girls were decidedly unimpressed.  It was however worth soldiering on as at the end of the pier is the RNLI Mumbles Lifeboat Station.

We met an absolute gent of a man who was so keen to share his love of the RNLI and was immensely proud of his job.  He dressed Ben and Chloe up in lifeguard costumes and took them upstairs to show them the lifeboat telling us all sorts of stories about people who had been rescued.  He even took them onto the boat itself which was a real treat!

My very own lifeguards

Once we had made our way back down the pier we had a walk onto the beach – Ben and Chloe were thrilled to just run about on the sand but poor Amy had more than had enough of the wind in her face and Dave had to take her back to the car in the end.  It was a shame the weather wasn’t a little kinder as we could have spent quite a while pottering on the sand.  We had planned to take a walk along the Prom to have a nose in the shops and enjoy an ice cream however in the end we were all just far too cold and we knew we had more activities to fit into our day.

Footprints in the sand
Too cold and windy for this little one!
Little cuties enjoying some beach time!

Our taste of Mumbles was brief but enough to know that we’d love to go back one day and experience all the joys it has to offer – perhaps one for Dave and I to do on our own!

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*Disclaimer: We were invited to visit Mumbles as guests of Visit Swansea Bay.  All thoughts and opinions remain our own* 

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  1. April 6, 2015 / 9:46 pm

    Your posts are really making me want to visit! Mumbles looks lovely, a great day out x

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