And she crawls!

So at getting on for 10 months the little lady has finally mastered the art of moving forwards!  She has been rolling quite freely for a while now which I think has stopped her bothering to crawl as she could get pretty much where she wanted to.  

Emily has been working hard at Nursery to encourage her to crawl, leaving her trousers off etc to help her get a bit of purchase on the floors!  Each day Emily has told me that Chloe is trying hard to crawl, she’s up on her knees, rocking etc but just not quite getting anywhere.  

Emily told me she was desperate for her to crawl at home with me for the first time – this morning at school she definitely managed to make a “step” forward but nothing more then this afternoon we were home on PPA, she had a sleep and I put her down to play with her caterpillar toy that Aunty Nic had bought her for Christmas (I only got it out for the first time today) and she moved herself forwards after a rolling ball . . . ten minutes later and she was properly off!  Though often in the direction of the gas fire!  There’s a wire exposed at the bottom which is clearly very appealing!  Need to get that covered up!!


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  1. September 16, 2013 / 4:54 pm

    Big landmark moment 😀

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