Are you a wine drinker?

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Wine always seems like such a grown up thing to drink.  I remember tasting it when I was younger and doing that involuntary shudder thing.  I hated it.  Lets face it, wine is hardly the tipple of choice in your late teens is it?  More something you learn to drink as you get older.  It somehow seems more civilised than a pint of cider or double vodka and diet coke!  I always felt like a proper grown up with a bottle of wine in my trolley at Tesco . . . am I the only one?

I finally “learned” to drink wine in my mid twenties – the odd glass of white but more often than not a nice rose perhaps with a splash of lemonade.  I never quite acquired the taste for red no matter how many times I tried it or how many people told it was lovely.  Unfortunately I put myself off wine one night shortly before getting pregnant with Ben – one of those end of term nights out, too much wine, too little food.  I don’t think I need to fill in the details but I’ve not managed to drink it since.  Of course having spent a substantial chunk of the last 7 years either pregnant or breastfeeding wine hasn’t been that high on the agenda.  
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I do regret putting myself off wine as I do still like the idea of it.  I love the feel of a wine glass just not the wine in it!  At times it feels a little anti social not to drink wine – I can’t join in with the “Shall we just get a couple of bottles for the table” when we go out for a meal for a start. 

1. “Shall we just get a couple of bottles for the table?” 

A bottle of wine is essentially social and there to be shared isn’t it?  I always feel like I’m being awkward when I can’t dibs in on a bottle for the table or turning down wine with meals in favour of a diet coke! 

2. It’s an easy gift

So often I’ve been given a bottle of wine as a thank you perhaps for going the extra mile at work or as a gesture when we’ve invited guests round.  They just sit in the cupboard until we end up giving them to someone else which always feels so ungrateful!

3. Celebrations 

Be it a birthday, Christmas, wedding or a day at the races – champagne is par for the course isn’t it.  I find myself raising my glass for the toast and then passing it to someone else, the fizzy stuff doesn’t agree with me. 

4. Holidays! 

This year we’re going on our first family holiday abroad . . . to France.  If that’s not wine country I don’t know what is!  

So that’s it – four times when I wish I could drink wine!  Maybe I should have another go at acquiring the taste again this summer . . . or maybe I’ll stick to gin. 



  1. May 30, 2015 / 6:52 pm

    Oooh so glad I am not alone! I don't like wine either, but I have never liked it. I do feel like I am betraying my sex by not having a glass of wine in the evening like every female I know does, but I have never really been one to follow the crowd, so yes I wish I could like wine, but It's nice to be different, it would be so boring if we were all the same! Give me a Mojito any day!
    Kat x #TheList

  2. May 30, 2015 / 10:17 pm

    I love wine but I only drink Rose wine….I didn't until a few years ago though. I can drink white but like you cannot get away with drinking red….I'm no expert when it comes to wine.

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