Autumn Bucket List – The Conclusion!

Wow it’s the end of November! How did that happen?  Essentially that means today is pretty much the last day of Autumn and Winter starts tomorrow!  (I know the seasons don’t work to quite such a strict calendar but it makes it nice and tidy for the purposes of my blog and Bucket Lists . . . which is important right?)

I first wrote about the bucket last back in September: Autumn Bucket List and at the time I wasn’t really sure how we’d get on, if we’d complete the list or if it would very quickly get forgotten about.

So here it is – this is the final Autumn Bucket List update for 2013

1. Collect conkers 27.10.13 – On our third attempt we finally found some conkers!

2. Get wrapped up and go to a bonfire (this might fall by the wayside depending on Beak!)  04.11.13 No bonfire but we did get wrapped up and go outside – it’s the best we will manage!
3. Kick leaves   22.09.13
4. Splash in puddles  22.09.13 (and basically every wet school run!) 
5. Make an apple crumble  29.09.13
6. Enjoy the fireworks (assuming Ben and Chloe aren’t scared this year . . . )  04.11.13 
7. Introduce Ben and Chloe to the joys of hot Ribena 04.11.13
8. Autumn themed crafts
9. Celebrate my beautiful god daughter’s 1st birthday  21.09.13
10. Introduce the kids to the joy of sparklers 04.11.13
11. Blow “dragon breath” in the cold air 30.11.13 (We struggled a bit with the dragon breath due to the mild Autumn and I’ve totally failed to get pictures but I promise we’ve done it!) 
12. Leaf rubbings 20.10.13 (Though I think we’ll have another go at this one!)

Not bad going really – only Autumn themed crafts that we have missed out!  We have done bits and bobs but not really enough to have written a post about or to feel I can justify ticking it off the list!

So tomorrow we start a new list! The Winter Bucket List comes into play as of 1st December – who’s with me? 


  1. December 3, 2013 / 8:08 pm

    Well done on all the activities you've managed (even if you don't have the pics to prove it).

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