PacaPod Oban changing bag – review

There’s SO many changing bags on the market these days – with a bit of research you’re bound to find something to suit both your needs and your style!

Finding the right changing bag to suit your needs can be tricky

I bought my first changing bag just before Ben was born – initially we ordered the one that matched the pram but when it arrived I really didn’t like it, it wasn’t very big but my main concern was that it had a flap over the top which didn’t seem to stay open easily and I knew it would be a real pain whilst trying to change a wriggly baby and get things out of the bag. I sent it back and tried again.  The next one was essentially a great big bucket of a bag – I can’t remember what brand it was but it was enormous and totally unnecessary.  It didn’t last long before I traded it in for something else – this time we just bought a decent size messenger bag rather than something that was specifically designed to be a changing bag – it did the job.

I decided I wanted to try a new changing bag this time round

When I was pregnant with Amy I began to think that perhaps I really wanted a “proper” changing bag and started to research them  . . . I was introduced to PacaPod by a friend and was quickly drawn to how well thought out and practical they seemed whilst being stylish too!

One of the most recent additions to the PacaPod family is the Oban – available in red, elephant and black.

I was thrilled with my new bag when it arrived and couldn’t wait to use it – of course I had to wait for Amy to be there first so it has been sat ready packed in my dining room for a few weeks!

What I love about my Pacapod changing bag

* The PacaPod Oban bag is so comfortable to carry – I tend to sling it on my shoulder whereas Dave prefers to wear it cross body – the strap will also convert to make it into a backpack.

* It comes with little velcro straps so you can attach it to your pram handle – genius

* The PacaPod Oban itself is really lightweight so you don’t feel like you’re carting half your house around with you (even though you probably are!)

* The waxed effect wipes clean – so much better than a fabric bag!

* The bag comes with two detachable “pods” – one for feeding and one for changing – these can be removed from the bag and used separately if you don’t need to carry so much stuff or indeed want to fit more into the main body of the bag

* The feeding pod is fully insulated really roomy – it will be great for snacks, meals, bottles as Amy needs them – for now they are great for keeping extra drinks and snacks for a breastfeeding Mummy!!

* It comes with its own changing mat (always a bonus when you’re out and about)

* There’s space for your mobile and other bits

* I love that there’s a loop to attach your keys so you don’t have to go searching around for them

* Everything is just really organised and easy to find!!!

* It looks good – it’s sleek and stylish (and Dave doesn’t mind carrying it either)

What I’m not so keen on

* Whilst the back of the PacaPod Oban bag would fit a laptop in it’s not massive for putting changes of clothes in which lets face it is more likely to be what I would use it for!  I can get in two changes of clothes for Amy but it’s no good if I need to take things for Chloe and Ben too.

* Dave doesn’t like the bag hanging on the handle of the pram as it gets in his way –  but that’s more a reflection on him than the bag!

PacaPod Oban

Overall I love this bag! It’s the perfect size for taking out and about when it’s just me and Amy – I tend to use something bigger if I’ve got the other two out with me and need extra clothes and so forth.

*Disclaimer – We were sent the PacaPod Oban changing bag free of charge for the purposes of review but all thoughts and opinions are my own* 

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  1. November 30, 2013 / 8:50 pm

    Looks fab Colette and very versatile! I love the colour and you look fab showing it off! x

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