Buying gifts with Musicroom this Christmas

We’ve all got one (or two, or three) – that awkward person you just can’t think of a gift for.  There’s only so many pairs of novelty socks and smellies you can get away with!

Musicroom have created a fabulous Gift Finder Amp (this isn’t a spelling mistake – it’s a play on words!) to help you find the perfect gift for the musical person in your life!  I have several – from a Dad who just loves to listen to a best friend who works in the music industry!  Musicroom don’t just sell musical instruments and sheet music, they also have a range of music related items including kitchenware, games, t shirts and jewellery!

Of course you could spend ages browsing the website yourself  but in theory the Gift Finder Amp does all the hard work for you – you just have a fiddle about with the dials to show all the information about the person you’re buying for including what instrument they play (or are interested in), how much you want to spend, if you’re buying for a child or adult etc etc.  Easy peasy.

Of course the Gift Finder Amp is just a bit of fun – you might well strike lucky and come across the perfect gift or it might just give you a few ideas then inspire you to look elsewhere on the website.

I think it’s particularly good for finding small stocking filler gifts or gifts for children as if I was going to spend to a higher value and purchase, for example a guitar or some headphones I would want to make sure I was buying exactly the right instrument / equipment rather than one an app suggested to me.

This Christmas Ben, Chloe and Amy will be treating their Uncle Will to some shiny new headphones – after all the babysitting and generally amazing god fatherly activity I think he deserves them!

Who would you use the Gift Finder Amp for?

*I was provided with credit for the musicroom website to enable me to try out the Gift Finder Amp for the purposes of writing this post however all thoughts and opinions remain my own*

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  1. November 26, 2014 / 10:33 pm

    This looks like such a great idea, always love finding inspiration for those hard to buy for people x

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