Chloe starts Nursery – An Autumn Bucket List Update

Last Wednesday morning brought with it the start of a new term, a new school year and a big new step for my not so little Chloe.

First day at Nursery
First day at Nursery

Over the course of having breakfast and generally getting ready she swung from being really excited to saying she didn’t want to go and just didn’t really know what to do with herself.  Once we actually got set off to school she was fine.  She was happy to run off and play in the playground, came back for a kiss when the bell went and took herself off through the Nursery gate without even so much as a backwards glance or a wave for Mummy who was fighting back tears.

Unfortunately Dave and I were attending his Grandfather’s funeral in the afternoon so we weren’t able to collect her from her first day at Nursery ourselves which I was really sad about but I was also counting my blessings that I was able to take her in on her first day as that was a moment I always thought I’d have to miss as a full time teacher.  Despite me having explained to Chlo that I wouldn’t be able to pick her up at home time she was still a little sad to see Ange but soon perked up and told Ange she’d had a good time.  I saw her at bedtime and she told me she had been playing with the fishing rods.

In a stroke of awful bad luck Chloe was really sick during the night on Wednesday night and by Thursday morning couldn’t even keep water down and so missed her second day at Nursery and ended up making a trip to hospital for observation and oral rehydration – which was like a magical potion and made a dramatic and almost instant difference to her.

Friday morning came and although she was well it won’t come as any surprise to know she really didn’t want to go to school but we got her there without too much fuss and she had a great time.  She was understandably shattered when she got home and had a huge tantrum about not wanting to go to sleep – however once we got her into bed she slept for a good few hours and it sorted her right out.

So a wobbly start to her primary school career but I’m hopeful we will settle ourselves into a more steady routine over the coming week!

So in Autumn 2014 we will aim to . . .

  1. Watch Chloe start Nursery 03.09.14
  2. See Ben settle into his Year 1 class & new childcare arrangements
  3. Enjoy some Mummy & Amy time
  4. Family Day at York races (we missed it last year for the first time since Ben was born)
  5. Collect conkers – this was a massive fail last year so we need to try again!
  6. Move into the extension & host an extension warming party!
  7. Attend Harvest Festival at school
  8. Start Chloe’s swimming lessons
  9. Start dance lessons for Ben
  10. Depending on the state of our garden I’d like to plant some bulbs for Spring!
  11. Kick leaves – a standard Autumn activity of course!
  12. Splash in puddles – obviously!
  13. Enjoy getting wrapped up in jumpers and hats
  14. Celebrate bonfire night
  15. Make soup
  16. Blow dragon breath
  17. Stop breastfeeding
  18. Get back to work two days a week
  19. Autumn crafts
  20. Celebrate Amy’s 1st birthday (did I really just write that?)
  21. Keep going on that long hard “Wedding Weight” slog


  1. September 13, 2014 / 7:00 pm

    Glad the first day went well even tho the sickness part sounds horrendous! One down, 20 to go! X

  2. September 13, 2014 / 8:55 pm

    so sorry she was ill so early on but glad she enjoys it

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