Ten months old – Amy Watch

Much like last month, although I knew she was coming up on 10 months, I had completely lost track of the date until the reminder went off on my phone to do the Milestone Photo!

(These photos get harder to take every month!)
Finally we got Amy into her big girl’s cot – a nice big bed with a proper mattress.  I can’t say it helped her sleep better immediately but she was definitely happy to have some more room in there and it’s much easier for me to get her in and out now that she’s not right down at the floor!  Although we’ve had a few dodgy nights she is improving.  For the last week or so we’ve been down to two feeds and in fairness that second feed could be classed as “the morning” if we didn’t want to stay in bed past 6am!!  She is now having a bottle of formula at bedtime rather than boob and it certainly hasn’t made a dramatic difference but I think it might have helped a bit.  We’re just on a countdown now to getting her into her own room where we can be a bit stricter at night – it’s no good sending Dave to settle her when she knows I’m there, not only can she smell but but she can see me so for now we will just need to carry on as we are and see how thinks pan out.
She still rolls onto her left side and pops her thumb in as soon as you put her down in bed but now we often find her fast asleep on her front with her bum in the air.  Ben and Chloe always used to sleep like that too – and in fact sometime still do.  I still find myself having to turn her over onto her back even though I know she won’t stay there – it’s so ingrained!!
She’s enjoying two sleeps a day at home – not at very strict times but mid morning and mid afternoon.  I think things will settle into more of a pattern over the coming weeks now that Ben and Chloe are getting back into their school routine and things will be governed by the school runs.
Although she’s still wearing one or two items of 6-9 month clothes she’s definitely into her 9-12 month wardrobe now.  I had to buy her a few extra bits as she was quite lacking but I think she’s sorted for a now.  The next purchase will need to be a pram suit ready for the colder days that are on the horizon.
Breastfeeding & Weaning
Again it has been another big month for Amy in terms of her feeding.  She’s now on three bottles of formula a day – although she’s offered 6oz at each feed she rarely drinks it all but that’s cool – she knows how much she wants.  She generally holds the bottle and feeds herself, we know when she’s had enough as she tends to just let her bottle fall to the floor.  Over the last week or so she’s started to have formula at bedtime and we’re close to finishing breastfeeding altogether now.  She only has a couple of feeds during the night – and as I had planned to be away for two nights this weekend that might well have been the end of it however circumstances conspired against us.  At the moment I think those feeds will likely just end naturally as she stops waking in the night – however if that’s not the case I will look to stop them when she moves into her own room.
Physical Development
Last month I wrote that it had been a huge month for physical developments as she had cut two teeth and started crawling  . . This month she’s cut another two teeth – again two teeth in two days with no noticeable symptoms whatsoever.  She had been a bit sicky in the days before but we hadn’t attributed it to her teeth at the time, I wonder now if that was the cause.  The night before we noticed the first of the new teeth she hadn’t slept well but not to as she appeared to be in pain, just that she was unsettled  Fingers crossed she continues to teeth so happily – we’re counting our blessings on that front!
Just before last weekend she started to pull herself up when she was playing in her playpen.  It happened out of nowhere and she developed the skill very quickly so she’s now pulling herself up all over the place – on the sofa, the cot, the jumperoo.  It seems such a huge step on the road to being a toddler, seeing her standing up and reaching for things!  She hasn’t started cruising yet but that milestone is clearly not far away!
She has also just learned to wave in the last few days which is super cute!
Language Development
In the last few days we’ve had a definite “Hiya” sound to accompany her new found skill of waving – Chloe is especially excited by this and keep demanding “Say Hiya to me Amy, say hiya to me!”  Amy has been know to stand in bed waving at us and saying “Hiya, hiya” until we go to her which is just gorgeous.
Family & Friends 
Amy has enjoyed lots of time with friends and family over the Summer – she’s happy to go and be held by other people for a fuss but makes it clear when she wants to come back to Mummy. She had one day with our childminder last week and was a bit unsettled but coped well.  Next week this will become a more regular occurrence so hopefully she will get used to it quickly.  Although she’s happy to play on her own she’s at her happiest when Ben and Chloe are making a big fuss of her – they love finding new ways of making her laugh (oddly she seems to be most entertained by them making lots of very silly noises!)
Being Poorly
This week we’ve had a bit of a bug in the house and Amy succumbed to it on Thursday night being really sick in the middle of the night – she was sick quite a few times over the space of around 12 hours but was perfectly happy with herself – she was never upset by the vomit and actually just seemed to be quite amused by having to have multiple showers!  I’m hopeful we’ve got past it now!
Favourite things
One of the things Amy has most enjoyed over the last few weeks has been the freedom of playing at the seaside! She has loved crawling around on the sand and exploring in the fresh air.  She has finally discovered that the jumperoo is actually for jumping and really enjoys a good bounce in there now – she loves to reach for the different  toys. In terms of toys she likes to play with whatever she can get her hands on really – anything that she can keep in her hands, wave around or put in her mouth!  I wouldn’t say she has a particular favourite toy at the moment.
And that hair! 
Her hair is looking less curly as it gets longer and its starting to look a bit bushy at the moment.  I’ve still not got round to taking her for a proper hair cut – perhaps that’s something I’ll manage in the next couple of weeks!


  1. Pippa Ainsworth
    September 7, 2014 / 9:10 pm

    Ah, she's doing so well Colette, she's such a gorgeous girl!

  2. Tas D
    September 8, 2014 / 1:51 am

    She sounds so cute and happy and her hair is just lovely. Glad the bug is gone, never nice when they're throwing up although she seems like she thankfully wasn't phased at all. Z sleeps with his bum in the air a lot too. It's still so cute, even now! 🙂

  3. Clare Nicholas
    September 11, 2014 / 9:10 pm

    I certainly don't miss the lack of sleep that’s for sure. Hoping you get a full night very soon.

    Her hair is just amazing. Emmy was pretty bald still at 10 months, I love it

    • September 11, 2014 / 10:07 pm

      It's crazy – I'm going to have to start tying it back soon haha x

  4. September 11, 2014 / 9:05 pm

    oh wow Colette its gone so quickly!! i hope the sleep improves for her and for you! .. after we moved Joshua it took a few months then he really did find his feet with sleep .. hope thats the case for you too! x

    • September 11, 2014 / 10:06 pm

      I really think putting her into her own room will be what seals the deal now!

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