Twelve Months Old – Amy Watch

Today my baby girl is 12 months old.  A whole year has passed since she made her entrance to the world via the sunroof.  A whole year of broken sleep, dirty nappies and puke.  A whole year of cuddles, smiles and love.

birthday girl
Our birthday girl x

I’m not really ready for Amy to be one.  I don’t feel like she’s been here long enough. I’m not ready for the baby days to be over!  Of course I’m excited for her to become a proper walking, talking little person but I’d just like to put it off for a few more months!

Breastfeeding / Weaning 

Of course there is no breastfeeding now- it has now been about 6 weeks since I stopped breastfeeding Bo and I can’t say she’s really missed it all.  I have once or twice – usually in the middle of the night or perhaps when she’s really tried.  She’s still having three 6oz bottles during the day.  Sometimes she drains them and other times isn’t really interested, it can be quite hit and miss.  We prepare two feeds for each night but as a rule she will only wake for one and even then not drink it all – it’s definitely more comfort than need which is something we’ll address when she’s in her own room!

She’s still really enjoying her meals and trying out anything we give her.  After writing last month she didn’t like beans I’ve discovered that she will actually eat them if I mash them.  She enjoyed her first “Full English” a few weeks ago, even having a taste of some black pudding!  Now that she’s one she’s allowed to have her first taste of chocolate next time she sees Aunty Nic!


I wrote last month that Amy had finally slept through the night for the first time shortly before she turned 11 months old.  Shortly after that she manage four whole nights in a row . . . then gave up again.  She did two full nights last weekend.  I would say one feed a night is now the norm rather than two.  It’s all progress right?  I certainly never expected to still be sharing a room with her at a year old but she’s coping well with it.  It will be interesting to see how she settles when she finally does get her own room (and in fact how I do as I’m now so used to listening out for her in the night).

During the day she still goes to sleep pretty much as soon as we get back from school in the morning but the afternoon is decidedly less routine – she still needs a good kip but often ends up going without as she’s not ready to sleep early enough in the afternoon to not be disturbed by the school run. Of course with lots of building work going on as well our house is hardly peaceful when it comes to her trying to snooze.


I finally jumped on the scales with her this morning and she’s somewhere in the region of 23lb. Amy’s wardrobe is now a good mixture of 9-12 months and 12-18 months.  She has lots of lovely dresses in her drawers but until she’s walking I won’t really put them on her unless its a special occasion. (Apart from anything else our house is always just so dirty at the moment with the building work that she’s far better of a pair of old jeans) I think she’s quite tall but that’s only just based on how well most of her 12-18 month trousers fit!

Physical Development

Amy prefers to spend her time stood up now as much as she can – cruising the furniture, reaching for things (yeah like the bin – nice).  We’re up to five teeth now and there’s certainly more close to cutting through at the front.  Grandad has taught her to high five, she nods enthusiastically when we ask her to say “yes” and claps her hands if you tell her she’s a clever girl.  We were placing bets on when we think she’ll walk – I can’t see it happening till the New Year to be honest, she can’t stand unsupported and isn’t really interested in walking if you hold her hands.  She did learn to climb the stairs at our friends’ house last week – under close supervision of course!

Language Development

Amy is such a little chatterbox at the moment – making all sorts of sounds and trying to copy things.  We’ve had a few times where we’ve thought she might have said something like “yes” or “Dadda” but there’s been no repeat performances.  I think she’ll talk before she walks though.

Family & Friends 

This month I’ve really noticed a difference in Chloe and Amy’s relationship.  Since Ben is back at school full time and the girls are on their own together more they’ve really started to play together. Chloe loves to chat to Amy and make her laugh.  They both find a game of peek a boo particularly entertaining!  Ben is taking on more of a “big brother” role now, whilst he still likes to make her laugh he’s also keen to protect her and keep her safe if he thinks she’s about to come to any harm whilst exploring the house!  At the end of October we took Ben and Chloe on an adventure while Amy stayed with Granny & Grandad for some fuss.  Of course she wasn’t at all bothered that we’d gone and had a great time with their full attention!

Favourite things
Much like last month she enjoys singing, big tickled, playing games with Ben and Chlo. As long as she’s getting a bit of fuss and attention she’s happy!  She likes to put things in and out of containers at the moment and has discovered that tedious joyous game of dropping things on the floor for people to pick up for her!

Not so favourite things
She’s definitely battling me on her hat – I’ve managed to get her to wear it when she’s in the carrier but only by holding it on and distracting her!  On the whole she’s very easy going though.  I can’t really think of anything else she particularly dislikes!

And that hair! 
Look how blonde she is all of a sudden!  I finally took her for a proper salon hair cut – cutting the curls and dark ends out of her fringe really made a big difference to how her hair looks.  It seems crazy to think that a year ago she was born with a full head of dark curls and now she’s blonde and almost straight! Aunty Nic has cut her fringe again since and I think she suits it a “bit too short” really.

Twelve Months x

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  1. November 6, 2014 / 1:08 pm

    Aww happy birthday Amy! Reading these first birthday posts makes me even more excited for Indiana's in a couple of weeks. I love her cheeky smile, and that hair is soo gorgeous xx

  2. November 7, 2014 / 1:55 pm

    Aww she is so cute. Her hair reminds me of Alice and Rosie's, and she has a cheeky face – definitely like my Rosie who is a little mischief-maker! 🙂 xxx

  3. Mummy Melton
    November 7, 2014 / 3:01 pm

    Aww. She's so cute! Baby M is 11 months next week and I can't believe how quickly that time has gone. I can relate to quite a few things in this post. Happy Birthday Amy xx

  4. November 7, 2014 / 8:25 pm

    Oh beautiful girl! I can't believe she is a year old already! x x

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