Fifteen Months Old – Amy Watch

This post is a couple of days late, I did start writing it on Friday but then things got in the way!  So now the little lady is 15 months old – no longer a baby but not quite fully fledged toddler.  I keep telling Dave she’s still a baby, I refuse to call her a toddler until she’s walking outside . . . Of course I’m kidding myself – she’s walking and talking (of a fashion) there is very little “baby” left there!

Food & Drink!
Following on from last month’s theme Amy is not massively keen on being spoon fed anything but pudding now, she’s happy to eat everything else with her hands.  We still just give her a bit at a time on her tray though otherwise she’d feed the lot to Thomas.  She doesn’t seem to be too keen on pizza at the moment but is a big fan of cheese.  She loves a good drink of water and in an emergency can drink from a cup now (if we hold it carefully for her of course!)  Her bottles are down to one in the morning, one at bedtime and one during the night if need me.  We’ve completely cut out the afternoon one and replaced it with a snack.  She doesn’t have her morning bottle when she’s at Ange’s as it doesn’t fit into her routine and she has plenty of other drinks and snacks to make up for it.  She doesn’t really need the morning one now in that her diet is plenty and varied but it’s part of her routine for now and she enjoys it.


Sleep is improving – sort of.  But no, she’s still not sleeping through.  We’ve had a few particularly bad nights, caused by her nasty chest infection, where Dave and I were up and down for hours with her. I wrote last month that I hoped she would be in her own room by the time I was writing this update but sadly that’s not the case.  I am getting better at not jumping up to her quite so quickly and trying to let her settle herself but it’s so hard when she’s right there next to you! Roll on a big girl’s bedroom!

Mostly her day time sleep routine is that she has her bottle and goes back to bed once we’re home from the school run then will sleep for an hour or two.  She rarely sleeps in the afternoon on a school day as it just doesn’t fit in with timings for the school run.  At Ange’s she has a tenancy towards two shorter sleeps and on a weekend will often have a snooze in the afternoon if she needs it.  I remember Ben and Chloe having settled themselves into a much more fixed routine of sleeps but I suppose for Amy her days are so changeable that it makes it tricky.  I’m hoping she will eventually move her sleep to the afternoon and go down after her lunch like Ben and Chloe used to.

Weight & Height

I’ve not weighed Amy for ages now so I’ve no idea how much she weighs.  She’s comfortably into her 12-18 months clothes and wears very little from the smaller sizes though I do keep finding the odd thing in her drawers still.

Physical Development

We’ve not had any new teeth since the start of December – I thought she was cutting a new one a while back but it went back into hiding! She’s still sitting comfortably with eight teeth.

Amy started walking properly a few weeks ago – having gone from those first few steps to always wanting to get up of the floor, she almost never crawls now.  With the weather being so cold she hasn’t really had chance to walk outside yet but we did let her having a little toddle about the shops a couple of weeks ago.  I’m looking forward to taking her to buy her first proper shoes with Granny next weekend!  (I just hope we can find some that aren’t pink!)

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Language Development

We’ve now got a very clear “Mummy” and “Daddy“.  She’s constantly trying to say other words too. Just yesterday she took me into the kitchen, pointed up to the kitchen side and side so clearly “juice”! I was really shocked (and also had to accept that she really is far more toddler than baby!)  She’s also starting to follow instructions for example “Put that in the bin” or “Give that to Daddy” and looking very pleased with herself at the fuss she gets as a result.  Ben and Chloe are really enjoying this phase of Amy learning new words and are constantly saying “Amy say ….” and the love it if she appears to try to copy them!  (I’m glad they don’t know any rude words!!)

Family & Friends 

We saw my parents for the first time since the Christmas holidays yesterday and I was really pleased that Amy went to them straight away.  She clearly knew who they were and enjoyed giving them both lots of cuddles throughout the afternoon.  I know she’s going to love seeing them when we stop over next weekend.  Now that she can walk she can clearly choose if she wants to go and sit with someone or not!  She’s very much Mummy’s girl at the moment and gets terribly upset when I walk away from her, especially if she’s tired or hungry.  On days where I’ve gone out to work she doesn’t want to leave my side when I get home and likes to be carried about or cuddled up on my knee.  It’s obviously very cute but does make it hard to get things done!  I know it’s just a phase and will pass as she gets more comfortable in the fact I do keep coming back!

Favourite things

Just as I wrote last month her absolute most favourite thing is her thumb and a good old hair twiddle – so much so we’ve had a bit of trouble with some enormous knots, one I even had to take the scissors to!  She likes to carry bags around the house which always makes me smile as I remember Chloe doing exactly the same thing.  She enjoys exploring the playroom and is still a big fan of putting things in and out of different containers and so forth.

Not so favourite things
She doesn’t like hats and mittens still, she still doesn’t like Mummy walking away and she’s stopped letting me tie her hair up too, or rather she lets me tie it up and then pulls it straight back out which is really frustrating as she looks a right scruffy little monkey with her hair all over the place!

And that hair! 
We did make a trip to the hairdressers last week and I had half considered getting the longer bits cut off the back of her hair to give her a cute little bob however it was a battle and a half just to get her fringe tidied up a bit so the bob was never going to happen!  I had rather hoped the hairdresser would get a bit more off but Amy really wasn’t for sitting still.  I’ll have to ask Aunty Nic to have another go next weekend!  I keep trying to put her hair up in bunches or a ponytail (particularly to keep it out of her snotty face) but she’s quick to pull them back out again now.


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  1. February 9, 2015 / 9:46 am

    She is still the most gorgeous 'baby' ever! Her hair is incredible. Love her! x

    • February 9, 2015 / 7:10 pm

      Thanks Donna 🙂 x

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