Twenty Two Months Old – Amy Watch

Our little Bo is now 22 months old.  I told Ben and Chloe they couldn’t say she was “nearly two” till they were back at school in September.  But now it’s here, and it’s true.  My baby girl is indeed nearly two.

Two months ago I wrote about how the words were coming thick and fast.  Those words now quickly beginning to form sentences.  Just this morning she noticed her toy on the washing line and asked me  “Why you pegs on my mouse?”  Other examples I’ve written down over the last week or so include:

“Did some burp”

“Ben pushed me”

“Me sit next yoooo!” 

“Mummy stop it, get off, get off my knees!” 

“I can’t open it” 

“Cadigan off” 

She’s becoming a real chatterbox and loves to ask questions like “Where that come from?” or “Why you doing?” or even telling me “I pooed”.  I do so love this stage where you never quite know what they’re going to come out with next!  We had quite a comical few weeks where “Thank you” came out as “F*ck you” – funny but also embarrassing at times!  Thank you is now becoming much clearer and I’m really proud of how automatically she says it.  I had to laugh yesterday though when we were waiting to cross the road and she kept saying “Thank you” to the cars as they drove past, it was almost as though she was being a little sarcastic as they hadn’t stopped to let us over but I know really it’s because Ben and Chloe always shout “Thank you” to drivers who do stop to let us cross the road. 

Just over a fortnight ago I mentioned to Dave that we should get her bedroom finished off soon so that we can take the sides of her cot before she starts trying to climb out.  The same night she did just that.  Climbed out, fell and fractured her arm.  It was awful as I knew something was wrong, I knew she wasn’t happy but I just couldn’t work out what the problem was.  It took her a while to go to sleep and she was up and down all night but despite checking her all over we failed to identify where the pain was coming from.  It wasn’t until the following morning that I realised she wasn’t using her left arm and it was hanging by her side.  A quick trip to our local Children’s A&E for x rays followed by a return visit two days later, we discovered she had a green stick fracture near her elbow.  The doctor explained that I was just to keep her pain relief topped up but that it would basically heal by itself. 

We actually haven’t taken the sides off her cot yet as we realised that she couldn’t actually climb out whilst her arm was poorly and we didn’t want to risk her falling out whilst asleep and hurting it further.  Now that her arm has healed the move to toddler bed it imminent! 

Last month we took our first family holiday abroad.  Amy’s first visit to the beach wasn’t a great success – she didn’t like the feel of the sand on her feet and she was frightened of the sea.  I can only assume because it was moving towards her and she thought it was going to get her.  Thankfully as the days passed she became much braver and whilst she still didn’t like the idea of going for a paddle she did love the sand and all the space to play.  Her confidence also grew in the swimming pool – from her first experience where she clung to my side like a limpet to the end of the holiday where she was up and down the slide in the toddler pool like nobody’s business! 

Over the course of the 7 week summer holiday Amy’s relationship with her older siblings has continued to grow and change.  Chloe and Amy have become particularly close and play beautifully together now with Chloe taking control of the imaginary development of the game and Amy tagging along by her side being the “baby” or another “mummy” pushing her pram.  Now that they are back at school and Chloe has started full time Amy is really missing them both and asks each day “I get Co-wee now?! I get Ben-ee?” 

The start of term really has brought with it a lot of change for Amy – as well as Chloe being at school full time, she has also begun new childcare arrangements which means Amy goes to the childminder on her own.  This happened for the first time last week and Amy was really very upset when Chloe got out of the car without her but she cheered up no end when we arrived at Ange’s!  We’re extremely lucky that Amy adores her childminder – to the point that she actually tried to go home with her instead of me on Friday morning!  

It is taking a little time for Amy and I to settle into a new routine on the days we are at home – we have three days together and I’m keen to make sure we make the most of them and don’t just let them drift by.  So far we’ve done a lot of waiting in for deliveries which isn’t ideal but it has allowed me to play around with her sleeps which I think I have now successfully moved from the morning to the afternoon meaning we can get out and do something together on a morning then come home for a sleep after lunch.  It also breaks the day up better for her as I can say we’ll go to pick the other two up after her sleep rather than her feeling she’s waiting to go get them all afternoon.

Whilst the weather allows I’m giving Amy the chance to walk to school and back at least once a day.  She loves toddling along with me and makes me laugh by insisting on holding one finger on my right hand – if you try to walk with her on the other side she will let go and correct the situation!  I’ve no idea where that preference has come from though.  She still enjoys being carried on my back whilst we’re on adventures too asking “back, back” – as she gets heavier this is becoming harder for me though!  As the weather deteriorates I know I’ll be relying on the pushchair more – to keep her warm and dry and also for speed.

Although the separation anxiety has passed she is still very much Mummy’s girl.  We had lunch out a weekend or two ago and I struggled to eat my meal as Amy wasn’t feeling very well and only wanted to sit on my knee.  I think this is in part because it’s me she spends so much of her time with however Dave and I have discussed recently that we need to work on that a bit and perhaps he needs to take her out on his own to try and balance things out.  It was clear when we were on holiday in France that Amy is very adores her Granny.  She would choose Granny over anyone else (including Mummy half the time!) and often mentions her now that we are home.  Typically it has fallen since we got back that we’ve just not had much Granny time so I think I need to get some cuddles booked in for her!


  1. September 8, 2015 / 5:55 pm

    She is such a beautiful 22 month old and her sentences sound adorable what a clever, chatty girl! I'm so glad her arm has healed and hasn't caused her too much grief.

    • September 8, 2015 / 6:14 pm

      It's such a pleasure to chat with her and listen to all the new things she comes out with 🙂

  2. September 9, 2015 / 8:01 pm

    Poor little mite Colette, hope she is all healing well and look forward to seeing you next week x

    • September 11, 2015 / 8:04 pm

      And you Jane! x

  3. September 15, 2015 / 5:01 pm

    I love the things little ones say, and how easily they pick up on every rude word! I started my blog to document my time with my grandson, Bear. Like you I just want a record of all the little things they do. I've forgotten so much of my children's babyhood. It was also lovely to read that Amy loves her Granny. Us grannies love that too xx #TriedTested

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