Den Making with #SkyKids

The one thing you can always rely on when it comes to Bank Holiday weather is that it will always be unpredictable.  Over the years we’ve had August Bank Holiday spent at Leeds Festival in baking sunshine, and yet others in a complete mud bath.  These days our August Bank Holiday is less Festival (boo) and more DIY (yay!) 

This year we managed to fit in some festival, alfresco music vibes in the sunshine on the Saturday: 

But then of course, the weather wasn’t so great for the rest of the weekend and we were faced with entertaining our little gang indoors.  Praise by to the guys at #SkyKids who were more than prepared for our dodgy British weather and had sent us an amazing den building kit to keep the kids occupied whilst celebrating the new kids content available on Sky.  The idea being we could have great fun building ourselves a den and then sit down together to watch something from the newly expanded Sky Kids library – a perfect rainy afternoon I think? 

Ben was particularly excited to get going and helped me to move all the dining chairs into the playroom as a “frame” for our den.  I wanted to set things up in such a way as to allow us to leave it there for a little while and I knew if I let them build it in the living room it would be down by bedtime!  That said I did regret promising them they could leave it up till the following night as it meant they had to eat their meals on the floor – whoops!  Oh well, it was all in the name of good fun! 

Ben decided to set the dining chairs out so they were facing out to make sure they had as much room as possible inside their den. We created an entrance space and then draped a double flat sheet over the top of the chairs, fastening them with pegs and ropes.  I know when I made dens myself a child I didn’t want there to be any gaps where people could see in and would have been keen to create “walls” with the sheet too however in this instance we concentrated on making sure there was ample floor space within the den for the three of them to get comfy. 

Once we had created the shell of the den it was time to make it comfy – with a large bean bag cushion and a whole array of Mr Men cushions thanks to #SkyKids, Ben and Chloe were soon tucked up in there and loving it!  (Amy wasn’t quite so keen on settling down in there – she didn’t quite get the idea of what the big two were doing)  They enjoyed a cheeky drink and a snack of popcorn and malteasers whilst they snuggled up together to watch a film! 

So thank you #SkyKids! Thank you for rescuing our wet and miserable Bank Holiday Monday!  You rock!



  1. September 6, 2015 / 10:18 pm

    Your den making kit looks fab! I love the den the children made and the Mr Men blanket is so cute! A great rainy day activity! 🙂 x

  2. September 8, 2015 / 9:37 pm

    They look so happy! What a great delivery! #SkyKids sounds fab! x

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