Nine months old – Amy watch

I was completely caught off guard by Amy turning 9 months old yesterday.  I would have entirely passed me by had I not set a reminder on my phone to take her Milestone Photo! 
It has been a big month for Amy, some big social events, some big developments and milestones achieved. 
Sleep.  Hmmm. So she’s now in her travel cot and seems to be enjoying the extra space but I’m still desperate to get her settled into her proper cot with a proper mattress.  I keep clinging on to the little things that I can change that might well help her sleep through.  Sleep through?!  I haven’t had a full uninterrupted night’s sleep for over a year now.  Anyway she’s generally down to a feed around half 12, half 2 and half 5 but that’s pretty hit and miss.  Whilst I try not to jump up to her in the night it’s still just easier to feed her and pop her back down.  I’ve basically resigned myself to the fact she won’t sleep through until she’s no longer breastfed and is settled into her own bedroom.  I can’t really complain as she does go to sleep well at bedtime (I love that when I put her in bed she just automatically rolls onto her side and pops her thumb in – too cute for words) and she settles quickly after each feed.  She generally has two sleeps during the day, if we’re at home she goes down around half 9 / 10ish and then again at about half 1 / 2ish.  If we’re out and about she will just fall asleep as and when she’s ready, especially if we’re in the car.  Amazingly the two nights I was away at the end of last month were considerably easier than we had expected, she settled at night without much fuss and only woke once or twice . . . I’m sure she can smell the milk and wakes for it!! 
I’ve not weighed her at all this month but she’s almost out of her 6-9 month vests / sleepsuits and is starting to wear more and more of her 9-12 month wardrobe.  She’s actually got less clothes than I thought though so I think I need to do a bit of sorting out and work out where the gaps are. 
Breastfeeding & Weaning
Things have changed dramatically over the last month . . . I spent a couple of weeks trying to introduce a mid morning bottle of formula which she steadfastly refused but my being away for the weekend was the deal clincher and since then she has been on a bottle mid morning and a bottle mid afternoon with breast at night.  I will write more about this in a separate post but it’s a relief to know she will finally take a bottle!
She’s doing really well with her food and will try just about anything, especially if its something she can grab hold of and pop in her mouth herself! 
Physical Development
Its been a huge month physically – out of nowhere she cut two teeth in the space of two days.  I had literally just said days before that I didn’t think she was anywhere near teething and the next thing I know I’ve got a text from Dave while I was at working saying he’d just discovered a tooth by virtue of her biting him! 
Last month I said she was a long way from crawling . . . how wrong I was.  She started crawling about a week ago and she’s made huge progress in that time.  Time to start thinking about baby proofing the living room again (this is no mean feat considering her two older siblings and a whole load of building work!)
Language Development
This is a new one I’m adding in this month.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not about to tell you she’s suddenly started talking but she’s getting increasingly noisy and she really likes the sound of her own voice (much like the rest of her family).  She makes lots of consonant noises eg bababab or duh duh duh.  She loves hearing us sing to her and enjoys her bedtime story.  She especially enjoys listening to Ben recite “Giraffes Can’t Dance” for her! 
Family & Friends 
I think I could actually just copy and paste my comment from last month really – she’s is still a Mummy’s girl and really doesn’t like to see me walking away from her though is happy enough once I’ve gone (if that makes sense).  She’s had a couple of successful trips to our lovely childminder which is good practice for Mummy going back to work in September (albeit only a couple of days a week).  She’s a super chilled out little girl much of the time but she does enjoy lots of attention and to be held and fussed – who am I to be tight with the cuddles!  Every month she enjoys her siblings even more than the last – she thinks they are absolutely hilarious.
And that hair! 
Her curls are getting right in her eyes now and its really in need of cutting.  I had been planning to take her for a proper salon cut but I think we’ll get Aunty Nic to trim her fringe again then take her to the hairdressers ready for school photos in the Autumn term!  I actually managed to tie her hair in a pony tail for the first time yesterday which I suppose would be a bit cooler for her without it on her neck but the bulk of her hair is on the top so it made no difference to that. 


  1. August 8, 2014 / 6:57 pm

    Oh my goodness that hair!!!! My youngest is 8m and on the verge of crawling

    • August 8, 2014 / 9:11 pm

      Thanks Becky! She's such a little poppet x

  2. August 9, 2014 / 9:00 am

    She is so so lovely. She realt will sleep through one day soon. Z took about a year but one day something just clicked and he slept through.

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