Five suggestions for Easter holiday activities

We often find that our school holidays are very quickly booked up with play-dates and outings – experience tells me that keeping busy is the best way to have an enjoyable time together! Bored children and a tired Mummy are not a good combination whatsoever!

So here’s my top five suggestions for this Easter holiday:

Go to a farm and see some baby animals!

One of the best things about Spring is all the new life. Get out there and find some chicks to stroke or lambs to feed!  (Check out three of our favourite farms to visit this Spring

Reddish Vale Farm - calves

Piglets at Cannon Hall Farm

Egg Painting

There are so many egg themed activities you could do but painting hard boiled eggs is always great fun! You could even have a theme and make little people!  Ben’s school do this each year and last year he made “Egg Sheeran”, much to my amusement. (Just make sure you do either hard boil them or blow them first otherwise you might have a right old mess to tidy up!!)

Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of Spring things to find then get out and search for them (eg daffodils, blossom, green shoots, lambs . . . ) Either write a list or create a bingo style card with pictures on. You could make it even more exciting by making it a race to be the first to find everything. (If you want to extend this for older children you could stretch the hunt out over the course of the holiday factoring in things you know you might see on days out etc)

phonics scavenger hunt for eyfs

Make Easter Nests

I know it’s not original but come on, it has to be done! It’s the easiest baking activity ever and is an excuse to eat Mini Eggs so it’s a win all round!

Easter Egg Hunt

This is great fun and can be done indoors or out! I remember my Uncle hiding an array of small chocolate eggs all over the garden for us to find when we were children and my sister now does the same for Ben, Chloe and Amy.  The Easter bunny usually hides small chocolate eggs in all sorts of places and eventually leads them to a pile of treats hidden for the whole family.

Easter egg hunting

What have you got planned for the Easter holidays? I’d love to know!


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    June 17, 2019 / 4:13 pm

    Great suggestions. Thank you for sharing!!!

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