Give Up Clothes for Good with TK Maxx

I hold my hands up to being a bit rubbish at giving clothes to charity much of the time.  My own clothes, by the time I’m done with them, are fit for nothing.  My wardrobe is generally very limited and I have a tendency to wear things to do death – meaning they are usually pretty worn and absolutely not charity shop worthy.  (Who wants to buy clothes with holes in?!)  The kids’ clothes are often passed on to friends who have younger children (though again Ben’s trousers are often through at the knees after plenty of tree climbing and general exploring!) 

However after my recent style and colour consultation (which I’m in the process of writing about – bear with me) and a bit of weight loss (though not as much as it was – again I’ll write about this soon!) I’m feeling inspired to give my wardrobe a good clear out.  Like many people I have far too much stuff in there which is the wrong shape, the wrong size or the wrong colour.  Stuff which could be put to much better use elsewhere. 

TK Maxx are currently running their annual charity campaign, Give Up Clothes for Good, in association with Cancer Research Kids.  The campaign aims to encourage people (not just anyone, you and me . . . ) to take clothes to their local TK Maxx store.  They don’t have to be in a special charity bag, just bundle up your unloved and unwanted clothing and accessories and take them down there – every item donated is sold in Cancer Research UK shops to help save lives.  If every UK household donated a bag of clothes, we could raise £740m to help beat cancer and as a bit of bonus save 25m bags from landfill!  

So do you want to see what I’m donating this Autumn?

This is just a taste of the things I’ve popped into my bag to take to TK Maxx – a green lace top which I’ve always loved but only actually worn once as I know really it’s just not long enough for me, a pair of jeans which only fitted me for a month or so before getting too big (always a joyous feeling) and some bits and pieces of kids’ clothes – one of my favourite denim dresses which has been worn by both girls and a gorgeous smart shirt of Ben’s amongst a whole host of other unworn or unloved items which could be put to be better use in somebody else’s wardrobe! 

What will you donate?

*Disclaimer – This post is a collaboration with TK Maxx and Tots100*

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