Konfidence Sun Protection Clothing – Review

Although the weather in France wasn’t spectacular last week with lots of cloudy days we still managed three good beach days and gave our new Konfidence Sun Protection clothing a good testing.

Konfidence Sun Protection Clothing

Whilst all three of my children are pretty good at having their sun cream put on regularly I wanted to take the extra precautions of UV suits from Konfidence for our beach days when I knew the chance of shade would be lessened.

Chloe wore a Sun Protection T Shirt (£14.50) and Shorts (£8) and Amy a Sun Protection Suit (£17.50) – both girls were more than happy to put on their special clothes and were clearly comfortable in them.  Amy also had a matching Sun Protection Hat (£8) which I’m afraid she completely refused to wear – this is no reflection on the Konfidence hat whatsoever, she’s just a monkey when it comes to keeping things on her head!

Konfidence Sun Protection Clothing

 Konfidence Sun Protection Clothing

Konfidence Sun Protection Clothing

 Konfidence Sun Protection Clothing


 Konfidence Sun Protection Clothing


 Konfidence Sun Protection Clothing

 Konfidence Sun Protection Clothing

 What we love about them: 

* The 3/4 legs and sleeves mean there’s considerably less skin exposed to the sun so its a lot quicker to get the sun cream on before they run off to play!

* With 50+UPF or 98% protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays you really can’t be better protected

* The Konfidence logos on the suits and hat turn pink to show when UV rays are present giving you an instant reminder that the suits are doing their job

* The t shirt & shorts are really easy to take on and off despite the high neckline so Chloe was pretty much able to sort herself out

* The suits have a zip on the back which means Amy couldn’t mess with it

* Hurrah for poppers on the legs of the suit allowing for easy nappy changing (this features is on age 6-12 months and 1-2 years)

* The sizes are about bob on – Chloe is tall for her age but the 4-5 still has plenty of room in it and Amy was more than comfortable in her age 1-2 suit with room for growth (not that she will need it in the Winter of course!)

* The Konfidence sun protection clothing is all made from super soft, high quality lycra and it shows – there’s no colour fade or stretching in sight

* These outfits would be just as happy at home in the garden as they are on the beach – making sure you can get the most wear out of them and increasing their value for money

* The t shirt and shorts are currently featured in a multi buy offer saving you money if you buy them both at the same time

* The hat has a generously sized peak to offer increased protection and shading for the eyes and face

* The hat also offers additional protection for the neck which is so often missed

* The effectiveness was proven by Chloe’s little brown legs – despite her SPF50 suncream she still caught the sun on her arms and legs where they weren’t covered by her suit.

What we’re not so keen on: 

* Being a pink avoider I’d have liked a more unisex choice of colours but you all know how much I love navy so I guess I can cope with just a smidge of pink this time!

In addition to trying out the sun protection range Amy also had a Konfidence AquaNappy to wear under her Sun Protection Suit – with no additional layers or inserts required the AquaNappy is super easy to just pop in your bag ready for a day at the beach.  Using it’s adjustable Velcro and poppers it fit Amy perfectly and will last her at least another year.  What I would say though is that whilst it will “contain” any poo it isn’t going to keep in the wee, especially if it’s already wet from swimming – I learned this the hard way whilst Amy was sat on my knee . . . Winner.

Although Konfidence sun protection wear is available up to age 6-7 there wasn’t anything in stock for Ben before we went away leaving his ginger skin exposed to the sun.  With lots of suncream and regular t shirt wearing he was fine however I’d definitely make sure we invested in Konfidence sun protection wear for him before we went away again!

*Disclaimer – We were sent the Konfidence sun protection clothing free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

42 thoughts on “Konfidence Sun Protection Clothing – Review

  1. I really like this brand – they look lovely. I wouldn't go abroad or even the UK without UV swim stuff as it makes life so much easier. I always take two sets so that if the sun goes in and they are chilly when wet or it's time for lunch, I can take the wet lot off and if in an hour the sun comes back, they have a dry set to put back on.

    1. Great tip! I'd have never have thought of that! Luckily it wasn't really an issue for us this time but I'm definitely going to keep that in mind in future 🙂 x

  2. I am impressed at your stoic leakage-testing, nothing like being thorough! What a fab idea for a clothing range. I hadn't heard of them before, but they must provide a lot of reassurance for parents.

  3. I love the Konfidence range, we will be getting a suit for Eliza next summer. Max wears his regularly, and in this country it helps keep him warm in the water lol! #TriedTested

  4. Mine wear these as like you said so they're pretty much covered from top to toe. Oh dear wee wee knees lol … had no idea you could get a aqua nappy for them. #TriedTested

  5. These look lovely especially as unlike you I'm a lover of pink! We live in Manchester so don't get a lot of sun but at these prices they sound worth investing in for the few days we do get #TriedTested

  6. Ive been really conscious of the sun on the Tot's delicate skin this summer. We've been slapping on loads of sun cream but this kind of protection would have put my mind at ease even more. I like the colours – it is only s splash of pink after all #triedtested

  7. Such lovely photos, I want to go to a beach now! I haven't tried Konfidence products before but they look fab, my son is very fair so the 3/4 length sleeves would be idea.
    Thank you for hosting #TriedTested
    Becky x

  8. We've big Konfidence brands, even from the very first baby swimming trunks! What I like is the slightly longer length of the trousers and 3/4 sleeves, really does add that extra bit of protection
    Thanks for hosting

  9. Aww look how much fun they are having! Great photos and even better memories made! We have never heard or tried sun protective clothing – what a great idea!
    Such a great read and thanks for sharing! Suz x Beauisblue.com

  10. I haven't heard of this brand before but it looks great. I do always purchase these types of suits for my two but had to try a few to find out what we really liked and get used to the sizing! These look great though, will def have a look for next year. #triedtested

  11. I also hadn't seen this range before but it does look and sound great. We do usually use sun suits, though, for the extra coverage. We're off on a beach break in early September so may have to have a look at this. #TriedTested

  12. I buy Monkey UV wear but this isn't a brand I have come across before – I will be checking them out though as he's just a bout out of his 2-3 bits 🙂 Thanks for hosting #TriedTested.

  13. Looks really good. I am a big fan of those type of UV outfits. Henry has one that is a bit thicker so almost like a wet suit, which keeps him nice and warm when we go swimming.
    I agree about the pink! Some more "gender-neutral" is hard to find some times though. 🙁


  14. They look cute, and most importantly, do the job of protecting against the sun! We're a big fan of Konfidence stuff having used the aquanappy, neonappy and babywarma for swimming, but haven't tried these bad boys out yet. We've used UV protective clothing at the beach from another company, which we found really useful, i.e. not having to worry about the sun, can go in the water etc.

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