Little Tikes Big Dog ride-on truck -Review

Little Tikes are synonymous with bright, well made toys to encourage your child to be imaginative and active. From the iconic Cozy Coupe which I remember from my own childhood to the large slide we’ve had in our back garden for the last three years and will likely have for at least another five!

We were recently sent the new Little Tikes Big Dog Truck (which retails at just less than £40) to try out.  Whilst this 3-in-1 Ride-on is recommended from ages 12 months to 3 years, I can’t say that Ben (who is almost 5 and a half) wasn’t just as interested in it as the girls!  I’m not suggesting you buy it for your 5 year old of course – just that it has a wide ranging appeal.  Whilst at first glance this may seem like a very “boyish” toy I’m happy to report that Chloe, who is obsessed with “being a girl” at the moment made no such comment.  Hurrah for gender neutral toys!


At the moment Amy, 13 months, is quite happy to sit on the Big Dog but can’t quite touch the floor to be able to move it independently (and I wouldn’t say she’s small for her age either).  Ben and Chloe however loved the Ride-on element, despite being somewhat too big for it, and have enjoyed whizzing around our laminate floor and generally getting under my feet!  I think once Amy’s a bit bigger this is going to be a big hit with her too.  She was certainly happy when I pushed her around a bit.

Little Tikes Big Dog Ride-On

Dump Truck

Amy was immediately interested in pulling the lever – Ben and Chloe were thrilled to discover this meant that three boulders were evacuated from inside the Dog!  Yes it appears to poo boulders!  I’m not sure that’s quite what Little Tikes were aiming for but it’s certainly the view that Ben and Chloe took!  (What does that say about my children I wonder?)  I particularly like that the boulders can be stored safely inside the Big Dog – anything which stops bits and pieces being lost or creating even more mess is a winner in my eyes.  I did worry a little about the possibility of Amy trapping her fingers in the lid but I guess that’s just a lesson she needs to learn – it’s not heavy or anything so I guess would only be an issue if she accidentally pressed down on it at the same time. Being able to put the boulders inside the Big Dog really appeals to Amy at the moment as she’s very into putting things in containers.  She seems to think that lifting the seat is what causes the boulders to be expelled at the moment though which is pretty cute.

Little Tikes Big Dog truck
Dump Truck – Definitely Amy’s favourite “mode”

Push Wagon 

Amy has recently discovered that she can walk around with a baby walker and quickly found that the Little Tikes Big Dog Truck served the same purpose.  What we didn’t realise immediately was that you need to lift the seat up to make the handle a sensible height for walking with – she was leaning right over to it initially which just meant she was really unstable.  There is a clip to hold the lid in place but I haven’t been able to make that work so once I did pop the lid up for her to walk she’d take a few steps and then just drop the lid down again.

What we haven’t done yet it added batteries – I can’t find the Phillips screwdriver!  I know, you’d think with all this work going on in the house that there would be tools handy!  That said Ben quickly noticed that the nose was a button and guessed that it would make sounds.  I’m interested to see just how noisy it is!

This really sturdy, well made toy is going to give hours of fun.

*Disclaimer – We were sent the Little Tikes Big Dog Truck free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions are my own (and those of my children!)*

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  1. December 8, 2014 / 10:06 pm

    Every child needs a ride on and this looks fab. I just keep wanting to say 'Big DAWG' though! hehe x

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