Modius results after three months!

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Today marks the end of my three month Modius trial. So it’s time to update you on my progress and how give some final thoughts on the Modius headset and whether if has worked for me as a weight loss tool.

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But before we dive into that, let me catch you up on what the Modius is and why I’m using it!

What is the Modius headset and how does it work?

The Modius headset works by sending a signal to the area of the brain which is associated with appetite, cravings and feeling full (this nerve is call the hypothalamus) in order to try and “reset” your brain and allow you to fight back against your body’s predetermined weight range. It isn’t purported to be a magical solution, but an aid to helping you achieve your weight loss goals. And anyone who has battled against cravings and hunger when trying to lose weight will know just how hard this can be. (You can read more about the science behind the Modius in my first post: “Making positive lifestyle changes with Modius

Modius headset for weight loss

Why am I trying to lose weight?

In this current era of a strong body confidence / body positivity movement online, it can feel hard to admit to wanting to lose weight – after all, shouldn’t I just be proud of the body I have and happy in my own skin? Well yes, of course that’s the dream . . . but I’m not. I’m not happy or comfortable or healthy. I’m not happy with the way I look and I’m not happy with the way my body feels. As I mentioned in my first post, every time I meet with a medical professional, the will at some point during the appointment comment on the fact that I need to lose weight. This isn’t just about wanting to look better in my clothes (or in fact not in my clothes too!) but it’s about wanting and needing to be healthier – not just for me but for my family.

Losing weight isn’t easy

We all know that when it comes to losing weight, on paper it’s simple, eat less and move more. But it isn’t that simple. Losing weight is hard. Finding the time to exercise is hard. Finding exercise you want to do is hard. Finding time to carefully plan your meals is hard. Finding the brain space and emotional strength to stick to your healthy eating or exercise plan is hard. Breaking bad habits When it comes to weight loss, if your head isn’t in the game it just isn’t going to happen is it.

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We all want a simple solution – something that will make it easier or faster to lose weight. Of course I’d love to tell you that the Modius headset is that – but it isn’t magic! You still have to eat less and move more, but you might find that Modius headset makes that feel easier!

How much weight have I lost using Modius?

Of course the big question is – does the Modius headset work? And three months in I just don’t know. The fact is, that in the last three months I have lost half a stone. My weight has fluctuated in that time – the Modius headset was never going to stop me enjoying an ice cream at the coast or eating my body weight in pain au chocolat in France so there was a few lbs gain there but I lost it again quickly and the Modius definitely makes me feel fuller and less bothered about food – I could easily skip breakfast the morning after using it (though I never do as I’m a girl who lives for breakfast!)

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It’s hard to know if I would have lost that half stone anyway or if the Modius is responsible. As I said in my mid way update the Modius has definitely reduced my cravings and “need” for rubbish foods – but it can’t address habitual mindless eating or the emotional eating – that has to come from me and as yet this isn’t something I have anything like a grip on.

Half a stone isn’t going to break any records, and if I’m honest I’m disappointed it’s not more but . . . if I lost half a stone every three months then I’d have still lost 2 stone by the end of a year – and it’s not like I’ve really tried beyond wearing the Modius and cutting out rubbish snacks on an evening. Half a stone is a drop in the ocean compared to what I’d like to lose and as such I can’t really feel any difference so you guys sure as hell wouldn’t be able to see it in any kind of before and after photos.

(Clearly I can’t replicate the rather ridiculous stance on the first picture which was taken at New Year . . . what I will say is that I felt no more confident taking the second picture than I had the first . . . I still have a lot of weight to lose)

Three months Modius Trial - Before and after pictures

Will I continue to use Modius?

I have to be honest here and say I really don’t like wearing the Modius – I don’t like the slight swaying sensation or the prickle behind my ears – three months in and I’ve still not got used to that. I have, however, realised in the last few weeks that the headband itself is just a bit tight for me and that’s what was causing the majority of the discomfort and the headaches I mentioned in my last post. I’ve since started to fasten the headset to the pads and let it rest on the back of the sofa behind me rather than on my head – obviously this means I can’t move anywhere as it would just end up falling off but it does make the experience more comfortable.

WGOAA selfie - does Modius work?

At this stage, I wish I could give you a definitive answer about my Modius experience, I wish I could wholeheartedly say it’s fantastic but I could be convinced either way. I’m certainly going to keep on wearing the headset as it isn’t doing me any harm (and half a stone loss is certainly better than the steady gains of the last year!) and I will keep you guys in the loop!

(If you want to try the Modius headset for yourself – use discount code colette15 to take 15% off your purchase)

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