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Are you someone who hates the dentist?  I’m generally not bothered – I wouldn’t say I love going for a check up but I’m not scared or anything, I just find it uncomfortable.  I’m lucky that I’ve got myself a pretty good set of teeth and have generally very good oral health. I’m very proud of the fact I didn’t have any fillings at all until I was 32 (and I wholeheartedly blame Chloe for that one seeing as how it was just after her pregnancy).  Aside from that the only dental work I’ve had done was the removal of a couple of wisdom teeth which were causing me a lot of problems.
I always take Ben and Chloe with me when I go for a check up so that they can see it’s not scary.  At our last appointment I expected them both to be nervous but Ben was in the chair with his mouth open before I’d even got through the door!  They both let the dentist have a proper check and I was pleased to be told they both have a good set of healthy teeth with “just enough” room for growth.  They were both pretty chuffed with their stickers and sat nicely while I had my check up.
I’m not as good at going to the dentist as I should be – in fact I didn’t go at all from starting uni to being pregnant with Ben (this was mainly because I didn’t have an NHS dentist to go to).  I’m ashamed to admit that was a whole ten years without a check up!  (Not that I told the dentist that of course and I was very lucky to have got away without any problems at all.)
I do try especially hard to make sure I take care of my teeth when pregnant – there’s a good reason you’re provided with free dental care – it’s not just a nice bonus to save you a few quid.  I have to admit that my good intentions were foiled slightly during my third pregnancy as it seemed to be especially difficult to fit appointments around my work (more so as I wasn’t entitled to paid leave for antenatal appointments). I didn’t get to the dentist until I was almost due.I found I was really aware of my gums bleeding towards the end of my pregnancy and was quite worried about it – I had awful images of all my teeth falling out (so I can be a bit of a drama queen at times!)  I mentioned my bleeding gums to my dentist and he explained that bleeding is often caused by plaque and that in pregnancy my gums would be more sensitive to this and therefore prone to bleeding.  He showed me where there was some slight inflammation and said I needed to focus on brushing more there for a few days and that it would bleed a bit but then would sort itself out.  I followed his advice and that was indeed the case – it was a bit uncomfortable and bled more but was find within a few days.  I also found really useful for extra tips on looking after my mouth whilst pregnant.

(Ok so I might have added the little sparkle
to the picture . . . )
Oral B were kind enough to send me toothbrush and toothpaste. . .  I’ve been using an electric toothbrush for about 10 years now (I got my first one for Christmas when I was at uni and I remember what a different sort of clean it felt!)  I do keep a manual toothbrush handy for those times when I’ve been slack at charging the battery too!
This toothbrush is insane – it’s bigger than your average electric toothbrush but still comfortable to hold.  The buttons are positioned sensibly to you can turn it on and off in use – though I have found I often change the mode by accident when I’m trying to switch it off.  You can of course just turn the toothbrush on and go so to speak but to really get the most of it’s fancy features you actually need to read the instructions (yes I know – instructions for a toothbrush!)  There are five brush modes; Daily Clean, Sensitive, Polish, Massage and Deep Clean – it even tells you when you’re pressing too hard or when you have brushed for long enough!
The battery doesn’t last more than a few days and ideally you would just keep it plugged in but we don’t have a shavers socket in our bathroom – it does have a clear battery indicator though so you shouldn’t get caught out.  My old electric toothbrush would last a week between charges but I guess that’s the pay off for all the fancy features!
My teeth and gums are certainly happy with this little beauty!

*I was sent a toothbrush and pamper pack as a thank you for writing this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own

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31 thoughts on “Pregnancy Gum Health – Oral B

  1. Arghh the thought of an electric toothbrush terrifies me. I have really sensitive teeth and I'll be honest last year I never looked after my teeth because brushing my teeth used to cause pain but my teeth were going so bad so I invested in some good sensitive toothpaste, got myself to the dentist, got all my teeth filled – so now not as much pain and I'm waiting on an appointment to get all my impacted wisdom teeth out (which were a big cause of pain) xx

  2. Ha, love the shiny added sparkle! We are fortunate to have a fab dentist and both our boys are happy to go and see him! He is great with them! I must get a new electric toothbrush! Thanks!

  3. When im pregnant my teeth sort of turn to mush!!!… ive had 3 babies and each pregnancy ive had to have a filling and then for the tooth to be pulled out 🙁 (first 2 were wisdom teeth). I love electric brushes, it just feels far more cleaner x

  4. I keep meaning to get an electric toothbrush and forgetting! You've also just prompted me to make a dentist appt as I need to make the most of the free visits before T's Birthday! x

  5. i'd love an electric toothbrush but i'm just not sure i could justify spending a lot on a toothbrush! ill have to look into it. i haven't been to the dentist since i was pregnant with my son 2 years ago. really must book an appointment as i know one of my fillings has chipped 🙁

  6. Given poor oral care can have an impact on general health. I would love to see FREE Dental Care provision within Britain. Maybe it should / could be part of the National Health Service. (NHS)

    Disappointed to read that you had no dental care for a decade. You state you had no NHS dentist to go to. Other individuals may have been in the same situation as yourself.

    I'd love to try the Oral B Electric toothbrush. I am really keen on Oral B toothpaste, as its use leaves my mouth feeling nice and fresh, as well as clean.

    Rachel Craig

  7. Tesco FREE magazine (Food Family Living TESCO January 2014) page 10 "Get Mouthy" is encouraging good oral hygiene and states :- "there's even a link between gum disease and heart health". Makes me wonder just how much heart disease / illness is congenital / genetic; diet related; related to poor oral hygiene etc, etc, etc.

    Also is the Government aware of the amount of heart disease / illness linked to poor oral hygiene? Are they aware just how much this costs :- through sick leave etc, and investigation, treatment etc via the NHS (National Health Service).

    Rachel Craig

  8. I prefer manual toothbrushes but my daughter has a battery one as advised by the dentist. The batteries last for ages. She started to use an rechargeable electric but it has to be on charge all the time which is a pain as we have to keep the shaver light on too! What a waste of money. I like the Oral B brand.

  9. I have been using an electric toothbrush for years and I have to say it was the best swap I ever made. My teeth feel so much cleaner after using one of these, they get in all the little awkward places better and the timer means you don't underbrush. I have even found that it actually helps with my sensitivity too with the use of a sensitive toothpaste. I would definitely recommend a switch to anyone who is unsure.

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