RAVPower External Battery Charger – Review (Word from the Mr)

RAVPower Luster 6000mAh External Battery Charger
Colette is many things:- Gorgeous, caring, an animal in bed (by which I mean she claws and spits at me if I attempt to touch her)!  One of the things she is not good at however is answering her phone.  This is exacerbated when her battery is run down (which is all the time).  Mainly through her addiction to social networks.  On some occasions I’ve got a better chance of reaching her if I send her a message through Facebook rather than ring her!  It is a source of constant frustration to me, as since the kids have been born I worry about her pretty much constantly.  Silly I know, but if I wasn’t silly I wouldn’t be with her!
For a while now I have been saying that we needed to get her a portable battery pack to recharge her phone on the fly as there is no hope of her staying off it for more than 2 minutes.  As with many things I say though I haven’t gotten around to it yet.  I’m far from perfect.  So imagine my joy when we received a battery pack from Ravpower to review.  As the resident ‘family geek’ Col asked me to do the review and I jumped at the chance.
That’s enough background, onto the review.  The battery pack is 6000mAh which is reasonably large.  You can get a battery charger from China advertised with capacities of up to 30000mAh off eBay reasonably cheap, but I’m doubting their actual capacity is anywhere near that in reality.
RAVpower battery charger
In the box you get a carry case.  A USB to micro USB cable.  Instruction manual and of course the battery bank itself. In this case the battery is an anodised bronze colour with a dark band around one edge which houses 4 LED’s to give you an idea of remaining charge. The face is where the action happens. There’s a micro USB socket for charging the battery, a full size USB socket for charging everything else and an LED. Its got one button which is for power and also to turn on the LED light if you press it twice in quick succession. The LED is pretty weak in all honesty but in a pinch its better than nothing and apparently runs for 250 hours if the battery is fully charged if you believe the manual. Call me slapdash but I will not be checking this stat.
You might have noticed that there isn’t a plug adaptor provided in the box. You have to use one for your phone, or at a push a USB socket on your computer (although this will mean charging takes much longer). Leaving these out of packaging seems to be fairly commonplace nowadays, but I can’t imagine there are many houses without one or two spare knocking around.
battery charger from RAVpower (power bank)
My phone has a 3050 mAh battery so we should get nearly 2 full charges out of the battery pack but I’ll be happy with one and a half.  To test I fully charged the battery pack.  Then charged my phone from flat with it turned off, so all the charge from the battery pack was going into charging my battery rather than running the phone (its also the quickest way to charge your phone).  Charging time was just over 2 hours which is exactly the same as from a wall socket.  Very good.
The next day I charged my completely flat phone again and it charged to 85% before the battery pack gave out.  That’s pretty darn good considering I hadn’t recharged the battery pack since the first time I charged my phone, and it had been left to sit for a full day where it will have lost some charge.
That works out at 5642.5 mAh of charging power, not taking into consideration the small amount lost while it was sat there for a day. Much better than I’d hoped.
The other bonus of using a battery charger is when you’re using your phone as a sat nav in the car, which many people do.  If you charge your phone from the 12v car socket then the amount of power you get from the car (roughly equivalent to charging your phone off your laptop) is less than the power you will be using to run your GPS, download maps and keep your screen on.  So your battery will be going down regardless of what you do.  Not good if you need use your phone once you get out of the car.  And who doesn’t?!  Those selfies won’t take themselves now will they!  Using the Ravpower will provide more juice, which will actually charge your phone even with the draw from all the stuff mentioned above. Winner!
So to sum up. Looks OK.  Very easy to use.  Packs a punch and might actually keep Colette’s phone on for long enough for me to be able to contact her!  We should have got one sooner.  They’re on offer at the minute on Amazon for £15.  Bargain.  I’m going to get one myself!

*We were sent the battery charger free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions are Dave’s own!*

49 thoughts on “RAVPower External Battery Charger – Review (Word from the Mr)

  1. My other half has been on the lookout for a charger pack for a while and this sounds well worth the money. The sat nav saga has sold me as well – I hate that you use your phone as a sat nav and then that's pretty much it because it dies a death after that! 🙂 xx

  2. This looks great – and a good price too. I love that you have got her husband to review this, I would have done the same, as although I do like using gadgets, I'm no very technical – I just want them to work NOW 🙂

  3. I NEED THIS! My hubby is constantly complaining about my phone never being charged (thanks Twitter). This is just what I need!

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