The perfect unisex waterproof jacket from Reima

Reima jackets gifted for review

As I write this, it’s getting on for the middle of May but the rain is lashing down and the temperatures have been struggling to reach double figures for most of the week. My weather app keeps telling me there is sunshine on the horizon but I’m finding it hard to believe right now.

We’ve reached that point in the year where if the sun is out, it’s lovely and warm, but it’s still pretty cold in the shade and it’s easy to get caught out by a heavy downpour. The winter coats are now far too hot, but the summer jackets are just not warm enough / waterproof enough. (I’ve already had several discussions with my girls about the fact that the sun being out doesn’t automatically make it warm enough to wear a denim jacket for school!)

Children playing on the seafront in Blackpool wearing waterproof Reima jackets

The 3-1 Reimatec waterproof jacket is perfect for this changeable weather – fully waterproof and featuring a detachable inner vest which can add extra warmth on cold days or can be worn separately when the weather is warmer (thought I must admit I don’t really like that as a “look”). The inner vest fastens into the jacket with a series of small poppers making it easy to remove / reattach. The double arm hole situation has caused Amy a problem once or twice but for the most part the two layers work well together.

Reimatec 3-in-1 jacket with removable vest

When it comes to coats for school runs or adventures, practicality is key – I want something that’s going to keep the kids warm and dry but will also be comfortable enough for them to play and explore. Oh, and it needs to be machine washable too – I want to know that the ice cream dribble down the sleeve, the hot chocolate spillage on the front and the muddy bottom can all be rectified by bunging it in the machine. (It should be said that waterproofing and washing machines aren’t the best of friends so it’s best to avoid washing coats too often where possible). The Reimatec jacket features a high-tech water and dirt repellent finish (can I get this for my kids?!) which makes it dry quickly and stay looking new for longer!

Boy dancing on the sea front wearing navy waterproof jacket with white detailing

Whilst practicality and comfort are clearly top of my list, I also want coats that are going to look good – we spend a lot of time outside and I spent a lot of time photographing my children so I want their coats to be smart and to look co-ordinated (I realise this might be quite a niche desire when it come to outwear but still . . . ) Being able to buy unisex coats in matching or complimentary colours will always appeal to me!

Reimatec waterproof jackets - unisex  coats for kids

One of my favourite features of the Reimatec jacket is the hood – all too often hoods just don’t fit properly – they’re too big so your child can’t see, they fall down so your child gets wet and so on. There’s been plenty of school runs where I’ve had to hold Chloe’s hood up for her while she walks or promised Amy that I’ll make sure she doesn’t walk into anything if her hood is covering her eyes. This isn’t a problem with the Reimatec jacket – the soft grey ribbing on the hood means it fits far better (and looks really stylish too!). Not once have we had a problem with these hoods falling down or getting in the way. I should also mention that the hood is detachable for safety – detachable hoods annoy me in the main as they often get pulled off in the playground or the fastenings weaken and they have to be reattached constantly – however, I totally understand the thinking behind having a hood that comes off easily if it’s caught on something.

The Reimatec jacket features soft grey ribbing on the hood and sleeves

The soft grey ribbing on the hood is repeated on the cuffs making the jacket comfortable and, along with the straight fit and white detailing, adds to the vintage vibe. The sleeves and back of the jacket features highly reflective strips which are not only safe but look pretty cool too!

Hands in pockets showing White detailing on the Reimatec jacket.
children standing on the beach showing off the reflective detailing on their reima waterpoof jackets

The kids love their new Reima 3-in-1 jackets and know they’re going to get so much wear over the coming months!


Reima jackets gifted for review

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