Siblings – May 2016

I’m a bit late on my Siblings post this month – it caught me unawares!  Suddenly it was the 15th of the month and not only had I not scheduled my post but I wasn’t even anywhere near my laptop to get it done.  Such is life.  Better late than never and all that.

I don’t have lots of photos of them all together this month, time seems to have got away with us and whilst I have lots of snaps of them out and about – riding bikes and scooters in the park or playing with friends, I don’t seem to have caught any of them together.  Looking back over a month of photos I feel like someone might have pressed fast forward through the month – this picture was taken on Dave’s birthday at a christening and it feels like it was weeks and weeks ago now but in the same breath I don’t know where those weeks have gone.

Life feels really busy for us at the moment, week nights are getting increasingly booked up with extra curricular activities and the weekends just seem to be slipping through our fingers!  I’m really looking forward to a steadier pace over half term, time to catch our breath and relax a little.

The relationship between our siblings remains stable.  They adore each other.  I love nothing more than to step back and watch them interact with each other.  Amy loves to hold hands with Ben and Chloe on the walk to school and mostly they tolerate this so I often get to walk along watching the three of them holding hands together, always with Amy in the middle.

Of course it’s not all sweetness and light.  Of course there are times where they annoy the hell out of each other – when Amy draws all over Ben’s spelling homework or breaks his latest LEGO model, or when Chloe wants to watch a princess film and Ben would rather watch super heroes.  But mostly, mostly they rub along just fine.  They make compromises, they learn to keep things out of Amy’s way, to take turns and to play games that they can all join in with.  All skills which will set them up for a life!

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  1. May 21, 2016 / 5:15 am

    Lovely photo, the months do go by quickly don't they? X

  2. May 21, 2016 / 5:15 am

    Lovely photo, the months do go by quickly don't they? X

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