Siblings – November 2015

These months do seem to roll around very quickly!  I always mean to take proper photos for my siblings post but time catches me unawares and once more I find myself scouting through the last month of photos for suitable sibling shots.  I actually think I’m starting to prefer it this way though as it’s a proper record of our month.  It has to be said that as time goes on, it does become easier to find photos of the three of them – perhaps I’m more aware of trying to take photos of my little gang together however I think it’s more the case that it’s just getting a little easier, Ben and Chloe don’t mind a bit of  direction and Amy is more likely to sit still for a moment or two.  That said getting everyone looking the same way can be a bit tricky so I don’t usually bother to try, I think it’s probably a more natural capture of their relationship and personalities if they’re not all looking anyway!

We’ve had a busy month with half term, Amy’s birthday and trying to make the most of the last of the nice weather by getting out and about!


I think the photos taken in Heaton Park are my favourites from the month – outside, holding hands and full of fun – which pretty much sums up our babies at their happiest.  Although Ben and Chloe are definitely bickering a bit more (especially when they’re squashed into the back of the car together!) they do adore each other and as a threesome they play really well together.  I love listening to their imaginary games unfold, particularly as Amy is more and more able to join in.  There’s a lot of dressing up and playing with dolls going on at the moment with each of them taking on and trying out different roles within the games. 

Sometimes Ben and Chloe can get a bit rough, play fighting and wrestling – you know the sort of play that will only end in tears?  Mine and Dave’s different reactions to this has amused me as I’m very much of the “Leave them to it, it’s pointless trying to stop them when they think it’s so hilarious and they’ll soon give up when someone gets hurt” attitude whereas he has tended to try and stop them.  I think this speaks volumes of our own upbringings – mine with a little sister and Dave’s as an only child.  Of course if they’re lashing out because they’re cross with one another then the conversation is decidely different but this isn’t something which is particularly common. 

Over the next month or so we’ve got some lovely adventures planned in. particularly geared towards getting into the Christmas spirit so hopefully I’ll have some extra lovely siblings shots for you next month!

dear beautiful



  1. November 15, 2015 / 10:08 pm

    I love your kids! They are so darn cute! Especially in matching snuggly hoodies! This may be my favourite Siblings of yours so far x

  2. November 16, 2015 / 9:40 pm

    So adorable in their hoodies! I love the doorstep photos with the girls cheering and side eye from their brother!

  3. November 17, 2015 / 9:47 pm

    Lovely shots! I prefer the natural images, too, but also struggle to get my lots to cooperate and sit still or look into the camera! But I think that almost makes for better and certainly more candid shots! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your planned adventures next month!

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