Six Weeks of Summer – Week 4

Last year we vlogged our summer holidays using the hashtag #sevenweeksofsummer and wrote a weekly round up of our adventures – we loved doing it so much that we thought we should do exactly the same thing this summer.  This year we have the rather more normal six week break from school – and, because I work from home that means I can fit my work in around lots of adventures and quality time with the kids.  This year we have so much planned – much of which Dave is off for too!

For ease, I will run our #sixweeksofsummer vlogs from Sunday to Saturday and then upload them on a Sunday evening.  You can subscribe to our channel here to make sure you don’t miss anything!

So, this is how the fourth week of our summer holidays looked:

Sunday basically just involved me getting home from York after our #GrandmaDay weekend away.  I popped to the garden centre first to get some bits of repotting my succulents and had a go at those once I got home again.  A fairly steady (and rather middle aged) Sunday it has to be said!)

Monday was supposed to be the day I met up with my lovely friend Donna. The day out had been planned for months but unfortunately it also turned out to be same day Chloe was required to attend Fracture Clinic for a check up on her knee ligaments.  We left the hospital having chucked the brace in the bin and without crutches – hurrah!  I must admit I was really quite nervous that she was still limping a bit but the consultant said quite clearly that she could do whatever she wanted as long as it didn’t hurt so that meant the coming week would be much more fun!


After goodness knows how many failed attempts I finally managed a proper catch up with my friend Hannah.  We used to teach together in Leeds and she’s one of those friends that even though it has been a good few months since we’ve seen each other, it really doesn’t matter, we just slot easily back into things.  She has three children herself so we took advantage of some nice weather to have a picnic in the park and let the kids run about while we chatted.  Amy had been desperate to go the park for a couple of weeks but I had been somewhat uneasy about taking them whilst Chloe’s leg was bad so had kept putting her off!  Needless to say they all had a great time.

Once Han had left on Tuesday afternoon I, somewhat foolishly, braved Sainsburys on my own with all three kids to buy school uniform . . . It took about 45 minutes but we managed to get the bulk of it done without anyone breaking down in tears (and I include myself in that!)


Now you all know we love a good Butler Day!  At the start of the summer, when Mich and I booked all our play dates in, we wrote a list of the places we wanted to visit over the summer.  As it wasn’t quite the weather for a beach day we set off to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park where we were greeted with sunshine and some beautiful spaces to explore.  We had a picnic, walked around the lake and chatted whilst the kids played imaginary games with sticks, all topped off with an ice cream and sun kissed cheeks.  What more could you want for the summer holidays?

Butler Burgess Day at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Team ice cream stop at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The ice cream at Yorkshire Sculpture Park is delicious!


I can’t tell you how much I’d been looking forward to dropping everyone off at childcare on Thursday and getting some work done!  Working from home is really flipping hard during the school holidays and I’m lucky that we are usually able to budget for around a day a week’s childcare as a result of paying for childcare vouchers all year round.  This year I’ve just not had the free time to book it in so have only had about three days all summer.  It was so nice to be able to sit and work quietly!

We took the kids to our local Morrisons for tea before dropping the big two off at Beavers for their summer BBQ / campfire.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Just So Festival!! Need I say more!  Of course I will be writing about this in due course so keep an eye out for that!

Rhubarb gin at Just So Festival

Kids in a trailer at Just So Festival

So that’s it – the fourth week of our summer holidays!  The time is flying by and week five is child free so watch out for a very different #SixWeeksofSummer write up next week!

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