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Sleep.  Ah yes sleep, my long forgotten friend.  As I wrote earlier this week, I’ve just stopped breastfeeding Amy at night in the hope she might finally learn to sleep through.

I haven’t had a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep for a long time – not since some point in my pregnancy with Amy I guess.

Sleep is one of those things that all parents find themselves talking about – Is baby sleeping through yet? When will the toddler learn to lie in a bit?  Why is my child still awake, they’ve been in bed for two hours?  Will this teen ever get up and get on with the day?  I think most parents are just a little bit obsessed with the topic in all honesty!

Feather & Black, experts in luxury, modern bedroom furniture, have commissioned an independent sleep survery, talking to over 1,000 people to find out more about how us Brits sleep and what it is that keeps people up at night.  Clearly for me it’s a 10 month old baby who likes a cheeky mid-night snack (or two) and, I must admit to just not being able to switch off.  My worst habit is not switching my laptop or phone off till right before I go to bed.

Unsurprisingly I’m not the only one whose technology habits are affecting their sleep.  Did you know that the blue light given off by mobile devices can interfere with your sleep patterns?  One of the suggestions in the free Feather & Blacks “How to Sleep Better” ebook is that we should be turning off our gadgetry two hours before bedtime and dimming the lights . . . I have to admit I’d find this really difficult as this would only leave me about an hour an evening on my laptop – I’d never get anything done!

All ready for bed! (Feb 2014)

Another interesting section of the ebook focuses on children’s sleep and bedtime routines pointing out, quite rightly in my opinion, that children need to be taught to sleep well.  We have had a tried and tested bedtime routine since Ben was around 5 weeks old which each of the girls has just slotted into at a few months old.  Aside from Little Miss not quite sleeping through yet we’re pretty lucky that the big two sleep well.  They might wake up a bit earlier than I’d like at times but I can’t really complain.

Something which really does need work in our house is our bedroom.  It is currently a cluttered mess of a very old bed, far too much furniture and an extra person (Amy is still in our room until the extension is built).  I have ambitions of a beautiful calm, clean and grown up space for Dave & I to relax and really make the most of a good night’s sleep . . . however I think that will be a long way off yet!

What affects your ability to get a good night’s sleep?

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  1. September 27, 2014 / 9:58 pm

    Ah I love that photo! I am yet to have as good sleep as I would like. one day. One day! x

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