The Importance of Pictures

So I read this post at that weekend: The Mom Stays in the Picture and it really struck a chord.  I’ve since read it several times.

I have been painfully aware for the last three or so years that I take so many photos of our beautiful children, it’s not even something I think about, I instinctively pick up the camera or my phone all the time to capture moments in their lives. Often these moments include Daddy too. But there’s a distinct lack of photos with Mummy in them. Dave just doesn’t think to pick up the camera the way I do so I have to ask – which totally removes any sort of spontaneity . . . and then what do I do?! Delete them cos I look tired, fat, bald, old . . . I could go on.  But as this post so carefully points out what the hell do Ben and Chloe care?  They love me because I’m their Mum, not because my hair looks nice or I’ve got a full face of make up on.  When they look back on their childhood in photographs it looks like I was never there – when in reality I was always there!

So I’ve been through all the photos on my laptop form September and October and here they are . . .  from here on in  – I am determined to have more photos where Mummy exists!

Family Day at York Races
Sunday 9th September 2012
Out for tea as a family
Tuesday 11th September 2012
First shoe shopping trip (which we thought was a success till her shoes started falling off while she
was walking the next day!)
Tuesday 2nd October 2012
Shaz took this picture about two weeks ago and when I first looked at it all I could see was the fine lines around my eyes
– but actually the more I look at it the more I love it :o)
Sunday 14th October 2012
Would you believe I asked Dave to take a picture
of me and Chlo . . .
Thursday 18th October 2012
Afternoon snuggles with my little man watching tv –
I took this picture myself

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