Tuck N’ Snug children’s bedding – Review

Amy has been sleeping her “big girl’s bed” for quite some time now – though I must admit that she rather likes to sleep on a spare duvet on the floor, strange child. (The deal has become that she can sleep on the floor during the day but must sleep in bed at night!)

Like most children of her age, she does wriggle around quite a bit and I often need to tuck her back in before I go to bed myself.  I can’t say it affects her sleeping for the most part however there’s definitely been nights where she has woken up for being cold.

The “Tuck N’ Snug” is designed for use once your child is too big for sleeping bags and really does need to be sleeping under a duvet.  The duvet cover and pillow case set features additional lengths of fabric which fold, easily under the mattress and are simply held in place by the weight of the bed – no fastenings required.  The way the three “flaps” of fabric tuck under the bed reminded me a little of being properly “tucked in” at bedtime as a child and that it would feel lovely and secure.

Tuck N' Snug pillow
Tuck N' Snug bedding

The duvet cover and pillow case are easy to fit, you just pop the them on the same as you would normally then tuck the flaps under the mattress.  I must admit that the first time I put the covers on, I found it a bit tricky to get a decent fit on the bed but then I realised that you don’t want it all to be fastened too securely as that makes getting in and out of bed difficult.  My biggest niggle, however was that I couldn’t get the duvet to sit centrally, but I think that might have been to do with the bed being up against the wall?  I messed about with it for ages before deciding that Amy probably didn’t really care.

She was thrilled by her new bedding, the cat motif is sweet enough but I think I’d have preferred an all over pattern, if not to distract from the way the bed seemed to have been so unevenly made!  I even managed her to get her take her afternoon nap in bed rather than on the floor . . .

toddler in bed with Tuck N' Snug bedding

When she got up after her sleep her pillow remained securely in place with the duvet untucked on the wall side which was surprising and a bit disappointing – I assumed I must not have got it tucked under well enough.  I tucked everything back under again ready for bedtime that night but by morning the whole thing was untucked – of course without watching her with my super night vision eyes, I can’t know exactly what happened but needless to say the “Tuck N’ Snug” was neither tucked nor snug.  I do wonder if it might work better on a heavier mattress, but I think Amy’s cot bed mattress is fairly standard to be honest.

toddler wakes up

So in theory, the “Tuck N’ Snug” is a great idea, it’s beautifully made and easy to use.  The fabric is super soft and perfect for snuggling under but for us, it just didn’t work.  For children who like to feel really “tucked in” as they fall asleep, the “Tuck N’ Snug” could work really well, but in terms of keeping your wriggler tucked in and warm and cosy over night?  I’m not so sure.

*Disclaimer – We were sent the “Tuck N’ Snug” free of the charge for the purposes of review, however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

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  1. March 6, 2016 / 4:21 pm

    Ah I was hoping to write – what a great product! Instead I need to write what a great idea, shame it doesn't quite live up to expectations x

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