Protecting your mobile phone

*This is a collaborative post* 

Come on then, own up.  Who has lost their phone to the great phone scrap heap in the sky at the hands of their child at least once? Dave & I have always been very conscious of not allowing our children to play with our phones and one of the main reasons for this was not wanting them to be chewed, dribbled on or dropped on the floor!  This doesn’t mean Amy doesn’t grab my phone at every possible opportunity either to hand it to me, say hello to someone or just to shove it in her mouth.

What do you mean give it back?

I always have a screen protector on & a rubbery case which is slightly raised at the front meaning if it does happen to get chucked on the floor & land screen down it is considerably less likely to get smashed. That said accidents happen don’t they and from time to time screens get broken, phones go swimming in the toilet or too much dribble gets in the speakers… It doesn’t matter how careful you are at some point you’re likely to need to replace your precious smartphone. I didn’t actually have phone insurance till I had children – I got away with never losing or breaking my phone for at least 10 years but decided I wasn’t going to risk it any more – not with inquisitive little ones around!  Besides, what would I do if my phone was lost or damaged? I couldn’t afford to replace it & I wouldn’t want to be without it when I’m out & about with three little ones!  Knowing my phone is protected just gives me a little peace of mind.

The most obvious way to insure your phone is through your phone provider however it isn’t always the most cost effective.  Some Added Value Accounts (such as the some of the accounts available from TSB) provide insurance for your valuables as part of the package and are definitely worth considering.

When did you last have to claim on your phone insurance?  Any funny tales to tell?

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