Top Ten Most Viewed Posts of 2018

The end of 2018 is on the horizon and I thought that, as I did it last year, I would go through my top performing posts of the year.  As last year, there’s a good mix of old and new – some posts which are four or more years old, others which are a matter of weeks.  I find it fascinating to look back through my traffic over the course of the year and see which posts have been the most popular and which didn’t quite pick up the views I had hoped!

Three siblings sitting on a wooden bench over a disused canal

So, without further ado, here’s my top ten most viewed posts of 2018:

10. Doctors are boys and nurses are girls

This post was born out of a flippant comment made by Ben that “doctors are boys and nurses are girls” – I’m conscious of trying to make sure that my children know that they can do any job they want, regardless of their gender.  (I had a similar conversation with Amy last year about her desire to be the farmer’s wife.)

9. Visiting Siam Park with kids

After our summer trip to Siam Water Park, I shared our fifteen top tips for visiting with children.

Point of view water slide Siam Park

8. Compulsive habits and our little girl

This is a pretty recent post – one I wrote to document how worried I am about my little girl and her compulsive habits.  I had so many lovely messages from people sympathising and offering advise on what we can do to help her.

Compulsive habits in children

7. Twenty-four reasons why my child needs the toilet

Although we’ve been out of nappies for quite some time now and our children are more than capable of taking themselves off to the toilet when they need to, toilet habits still seem to feature fairly highly on our topics of conversation!  This post was definitely one which parents of young children were able to relate too and people even added a few extra for me!

little girl on the toilet - 20 reasons my child needs the toilet | We're going on an adventure

6. 10 Reasons you need to use Google Keep

Right at the start of 2018 I wrote about Google Keep and why I think you should be using it too – Dave and I have been using Google Keep for about four years now and wouldn’t be without it!  Definitely one to look at if you’re planning on trying to be a bit more organised in the new year!

10 reasons why you should be using Google Keep to get your life organised

5. The Gruffalo Trail, Delamere Forest

Last year’s number 2 post hangs on in there at number 5 – now nearly five years old and The Gruffalo Trail in Delamere Forest has been through several guises in that time however this post consistently pulls in search traffic through the holidays and on warmer days!

The Gruffalo Trail, Delamere Forest

4. Center Parcs, Whinfell Forest – Our Three Bed Executive Lodge

It’s a good 18 months since our trip to Center Parcs, Whinfell Forest and it’s one the kids still talk about – they often ask when we can go back!  Our Center Parcs accommodation tour video is one of our most viewed videos of all time too.

Center Parcs, Whinfell Forest - Three bed executive lodge

3. Twenty Reasons why you should book Holiday Village Tenerife for your next holiday

Back in July we took our little team on their first flights and spent a week at the all inclusive Holiday Village Tenerife – it was an absolute joy of a holiday and I know a number of people who have since booked it for their own summer holiday in 2019 as a result of this post.

Holiday Village Tenerife / Hotel Costa Los Gignantes - view from Balinese beds

2. All I want for Christmas is HUE

Considering I actually only published this post in December, it strikes me as as pretty crazy that it is now the second most viewed post on my site for the whole year!  It will be interesting to see how the longevity of this post pans out but safe to say we are big fans of our new Philips Hue ecosystem!

Philips Hue Go as a nightlight

1. How to Remove Blu-Tac from Hair 

This post get search traffic every single day without fail.  It has been my most viewed post for at least the last three years and remains in the top spot for 2018!  I actually managed to update the photos this year thanks to Chloe matting a good chunk of blu-tac into the back of her hair so it remains as useful for me as it hopefully does everyone else who is googling it!

How to remove blu-tack from hair

So there you go – the top ten most viewed posts on my blog during 2018.  A mix of old and new, helpful and personal, just like last year.  My blog is now almost six years old and I can’t imagine life without it!  I’ve learned so many new skills, made a number of wonderful friends and worked with some awesome brands along the way.  Thanks for sticking with us for another year, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate every single page view and comment on my blog or social media!

Here’s to 2019 . . . I wonder what my post popular posts will be next year!?  (As ever, do let me know if there’s anything you particularly want to see from us!)


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  1. December 29, 2018 / 3:34 pm

    I love reading about peoples top posts for the year. What a fab lot of posts.
    Wishing you all the best for 2019 x

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